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If you are a blogger, and you have an opinion about a ballot measure in your state, here is how to add your endorsement to the Ballotpedia page that lists blogger and newspaper endorsements in your state.

  1. Register
  2. Learn how to edit a page
  3. Once you are in the edit window of the page you will be editing (for example, Endorsements of Louisiana ballot measures, 2011), copy the code from one of the existing newspaper or blogger lines, and paste it into the part of the page where you want your endorsement line to appear, and work from there. In the first column, insert the URL of your blog or the URL of a specific blog post you wrote about a ballot measure, like this: [ Your Blog], which will show up on the page as Your Blog.
  4. Insert one of these options:
    1. Inserting the code {{oppose}} is how you indicate opposition to a measure. This appears on the page as Circle thumbs down.png.
    2. Inserting the code {{support}} is how you indicate support for a measure. This shows up on the page as Category:Ballot measure endorsements.
    3. Inserting the code {{neutral}} is how you indicate a neutral position for a measure. This shows up on the page as Nuetral thumb.png.
  5. Check the page on Ballotpedia about the media in your state, and add your blog or news source to the list if it isn't there already. You can find links to all the state media pages, and more information about adding your blog on the page Ballotpedia:Adding a blog to a blog list.

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