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Congress (Portal):
2016 Congressional elections
U.S. Senate | U.S. House of Representatives | List of U.S. Congress incumbents not running for re-election in 2016
2015-2016 Special Elections
U.S. House: New York's 11th
2014 Congressional elections
Reports and analyses:
Contested Primaries Analysis
Features of Congress:
U.S. Senate | U.S. House | 114th United States Congress |113th United States Congress | 112th United States Congress | United States Constitution | Filibuster
Filing requirements for congressional candidates | Super PACs | Federal Election Commission
Net Worth of United States Senators and Representatives | Staff salaries of United States Senators and Representatives

Full Index of State Executive Office Contents
Portal:State Executive Officials

Portal | By office | Office descriptions | News | 2011 Elections | 2012 Elections

States with gubernatorial term limits | How gubernatorial vacancies are filled | States with gubernatorial recall provisions | Gubernatorial impeachment procedures | Comparison of gubernatorial salaries | Comparison of lieutenant gubernatorial salaries | Residences of the American governors

Portal:State legislatures
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State legislatures (Portal):
2014 elections
2014's state legislative general elections and special elections | Dates of 2014 state legislative sessions
2013 elections
2013's state legislative general elections and special elections | Competitiveness in 2013 state legislative elections | Dates of 2013 state legislative sessions
Historical elections
Archive by year | Archive by state
Reports and analyses:
State Legislative Tracker | Competitiveness index | Who Runs the States
Features of legislatures:
What is a state legislature? | How many state legislators are there? | When state legislators assume office after a general election | How vacancies are filled in state legislatures | List of state legislatures | State legislative sessions | States with a full-time legislature | State legislatures with term limits | Legislatures that use multi-member districts | Length of terms of state senators | President of the Senate | President Pro Tempore | Senate Majority Leader | Senate Minority Leader | List of all state senators | Length of terms of state representatives | House Majority Leader | House Minority Leader | State Speaker of the House | List of all state representatives | Constitutions governing legislatures | Glossary of common terms | Population represented by state legislators | Comparison of state legislative salaries | Partisan compositions of state senate and houses

Portal:Ballot Measures
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State ballot measures (Portal):
By state | By year | By topic | By type | News | Tuesday Count | Scorecard | Polls | Media endorsements | Campaign websites | Analyses
Ballot initiative activists | Ballot measure donors | Organizations involved with ballot measures
Local ballot measures (Portal) | School bond and tax measures (Portal)
Local elections by year | Political topics | News
School bond and tax elections by state & year | School bond & tax laws | School bond & tax election transparency | County election website evaluations
Ballot measure law (Portal):
Lawsuits by year | Lawsuits by type | Lawsuits by state
Campaign finance
Laws governing ballot measures | Legal concepts | Laws governing initiatives | Signature requirements | Petition drive deadlines
State statutes governing ballot measures | By state | By year
Recall (Portal):
Laws governing recall | Recall by state | Recall by year | Recall by type | Recall activists

Portal:Interstate Compacts
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