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{{Election badge}}
{{Election badge}}
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'''Key election terms:'''
*[[Absentee ballot]]
[[Absentee ballot]] [[Ballot]] [[Ballot box stuffing]] • [[Bradley effect]] • [[Canvassing]] [[Caucus]] [[Closed primary]] • [[Constituency]] • [[Delegates]] • [[Election assistance commission]] • [[Election day registration]] • [[Independent expenditure]] • [[Open primary]] • [[Overvote]] • [[Platform]] • [[Plurality]] • [[Polling location]] [[Precinct]] [[Presidential primary]] • [[Primary election]] • [[Protest vote]] • [[Push polling]] • [[Runoff primary]] • [[Same day registration]] • [[Straight party voting]] • [[Straight-ticket voting]] • [[Undervote]] • [[Voter registration]] • [[Voting booth]] • [[Voting machines]]
* [[Ballot box stuffing]]
* [[Canvassing]]
* [[Caucus]]
* [[Closed primary]]
* [[Polling location]]
* [[Precinct]]
* [[Open primary]]
...[[:Category:Election dictionary|more terms available here]]
...[[:Category:Election dictionary|more terms available here]]

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Key Congressional terms:

United States CongressUnited States SenateUnited States House of RepresentativesSuper PACFederal Election CommissionCongressional districtBicameralism501(c)(3)501(c)(4)Federal government ...more here


Ballotpedia's first elections coverage began in 2012

Portal:State Executive Officials

Key SEO terms

State executive offices

GovernorLieutenant GovernorSecretary of StateAttorney generalTreasurerControllerAuditorSuperintendent of SchoolsInsurance CommissionerAgriculture CommissionerNatural Resources CommissionerLabor CommissionerPublic Services Commissioner

State offices

  • If you are writing about specific state offices (like the Governor of Kentucky), there are three state executive positions that are written as "Office of State."
  1. Governor of State
  2. Lieutenant Governor of State
  3. Attorney General of State
  • The rest of the executive positions use a "State Office" format (like the Rhode Island Director of Labor) but the specific titles vary from state to state. We've created a chart that links to every office for every state.

Analysis pages to link to

Key ballot measure terms:

Advisory questionApproved for circulationBallotBallot accessBallot initiativeBallot measureBond issueCitizen referendumConstitutional amendmentDemocracyDirect InitiativeDirect democracyDistribution requirementElectronic petition signatureFiscal impact statementForged signatureFraudulent signatureIndirect initiated constitutional amendmentIndirect initiated state statuteIndirect initiativeIndirect initiative statuteInitiated constitutional amendmentInitiated state statuteInitiative and referendumInitiative proponentsLegislative referralLegislatively-referred bond measureLegislatively-referred constitutional amendmentLegislatively-referred state statuteOut-of-state circulatorPetitionPetition driveRecallReferendumResidency requirements for petition circulatorsStatuteStatute referendumValid signatureVeto referendum...more here

State ballot measures

Portal:Ballot Measures
Ballot measuresMeasures by topicMeasures by yearMeasures by state
  • By Year - an aggregate of ballot measures that appeared on the ballot by year - follow the format of [[YEAR ballot measures]] such as 2011 ballot measures. A list of all ballot years can be found here.
  • By State & Year pages - an aggregate of ballot measures that appeared on the ballot on a particular year and in a particular state - follow the format of [[STATE YEAR ballot measures]] such as Washington 2009 ballot measures.
  • By State with all Ballot Years - pages by state with lists of all years in which ballot measures were featured - follow the format of [[List of STATE ballot measures]] such as List of Montana ballot measures.
    • A list of all ballot measures by state can be found here.
  • By Topic - ballot measures sorted by various political topics.
    • A list of political topics can be found here.

Local ballot measures

Local ballot measuresLocal measures by topicLocal measures by yearLocal measures by state

Ballot measure law

Ballot measure lawChanges to laws governing ballot measures by yearLawsuits by yearLaws governing ballot measures by stateLaws governing the initiative process by state
  • Law Changes By Year - pages that reveal proposed, approved and defeated laws relating to ballot measure law - follow the format [[Changes in YEAR to laws governing ballot measures]] such as Changes in 2011 to laws governing ballot measures.
    • A list of such articles can be found here.
  • Lawsuits By Year - articles that provide a list of lawsuits relating to ballot measure law and ballot measures by state and year - follow the format [[:Category:Ballot measure lawsuits, YEAR]] such as Category:Ballot measure lawsuits, 2010.
    • A list of such articles can be found here.
  • Laws By State - articles that direct readers to various direct democracy law articles - follow the format [[Laws governing ballot measures in STATE]] such as Laws governing ballot measures in Alaska.
    • A list of articles relating to laws governing ballot measures (by state) can be found here.
  • Initiative Laws By State - articles that specifically relate to initiative and referendum laws - follow the format [[Laws governing the initiative process in STATE]] such as Laws governing the initiative process in Arkansas.
    • A list of articles can be found here.

New recall logo.PNG
RecallLaws governing recall by stateAll political recall effortsRecall by stateRecall by year
  • Laws By State - a collection of articles that outline the recall laws for specific states. Only 38 states have provisions allowing recall - they follow the format [[Laws governing recall in STATE]], for example Laws governing recall in Alaska.
    • A list of recall law pages can be found here.
  • By State - this includes a list of pages that arrange the recall articles by state - they follow the format [[Recall campaigns in STATE]], such as Recall campaigns in Alaska.
    • A list of recall efforts by state can be found here.
  • By Year - an aggregate for recall articles by year - follows the format [[Political recall efforts, YEAR]] such as Political recall efforts, 2011
    • A list of recall efforts by year can be found here.
  • By Type - this is a collection of recall efforts arranged by the political office that the recall targets (e.g. county council, state legislator, etc.) - these follow the format [[OFFICENAME recalls]] such as Sheriff recalls
    • A list of efforts by type of office targeted can be found here.

Portal:Interstate Compacts
Portal:Interstate CompactsInterstate compactChart of interstate compactsInterstate compacts by stateInterstate compacts by topic
  • Articles about interstate compacts are titled according to the formal interstate compact name. (example: Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact)
  • Categories: each article features the relevant state categories and topic categories.
    • Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact includes the following categories:
      • [[Category:Interstate compacts]]
      • [[Category:Agriculture interstate compacts]]
      • [[Category:Industry regulation interstate compacts]]
      • [[Category:Connecticut interstate compacts]]
      • [[Category:Maine interstate compacts]]
      • [[Category:Massachusetts interstate compacts]]
      • [[Category:New Hampshire interstate compacts]]
      • [[Category:Rhode Island interstate compacts]]
      • [[Category:Vermont interstate compacts]]