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Ballotpedia is an edited wiki-based website about state and local politics, including a variety of topics. Such content includes but is not limited to: congress, state executive officials, state legislatures, redistricting, state and local ballot measures and recall elections. Articles on Ballotpedia, which include original news and research, are started, written, expanded and improved over time by Ballotpedia's staff of writers and its volunteer editors and content providers.


Ballotpedia includes breaking news and original content, in addition to its information about statewide ballot measures, laws governing ballot access and direct democracy, state constitutions, activists, donors and organizations, state legislatures, local ballot measures, and school bond and tax elections and the history of initiative and referendum.

Research and analysis

Ballotpedia's original research and reports
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Ballotpedia has been sponsored by the Lucy Burns Institute (LBI) since July 1, 2009. LBI is a nonprofit 501c3 based in Madison, Wisconsin. LBI, which was founded in December 2006, also sponsors WikiFOIA and Judgepedia.


Ballotpedia was launched by the Citizens in Charge Foundation on May 30, 2007. From March 2008-June 2009, it was sponsored by the Sam Adams Alliance.


Ballotpedia has 792,670 articles and 10,708 registered users.[1]

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  1. The number provided here of articles and registered users automatically updates whenever a new user registers or a new article is created. The number provided is automatically generated by the MediaWiki software that Ballotpedia runs on.

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