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| align="center" | {{tl|BP help}}
| align="center" | {{tl|BP help}}
| align="center" | [[Ballotpedia:Article_improvement#Update:_not_project_specific|Here!]]
| align="center" | [[Ballotpedia:Article_improvement#Update:_not_project_specific|Here!]]
=='''State-specific projects and templates'''==
:: ''See also:  ''[[Ballotpedia:WikiProject user templates]]''
===State-specific projects===
By clicking on a state's Wikiproject template below, you will be taken to that state's Wikiproject page.
|----- valign="top"
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Alabama|WikiProject Alabama]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Alaska|WikiProject Alaska]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Arizona|WikiProject Arizona]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Arkansas|WikiProject Arkansas]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject California|WikiProject California]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Colorado|WikiProject Colorado]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Connecticut|WikiProject Connecticut]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Delaware|WikiProject Delaware]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject District of Columbia|WikiProject D.C.]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Florida|WikiProject Florida]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Georgia|WikiProject Georgia]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Hawaii|WikiProject Hawaii]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Idaho|WikiProject Idaho]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Illinois|WikiProject Illinois]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Indiana|WikiProject Indiana]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Iowa|WikiProject Iowa]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Kansas|WikiProject Kansas]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Kentucky|WikiProject Kentucky]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Louisiana|WikiProject Louisiana]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Maine|WikiProject Maine]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Maryland|WikiProject Maryland]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Massachusetts|WikiProject Massachusetts]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Michigan|WikiProject Michigan]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Minnesota|WikiProject Minnesota]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Mississippi|WikiProject Mississippi]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Missouri|WikiProject Missouri]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Montana|WikiProject Montana]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Nebraska|WikiProject Nebraska]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Nevada|WikiProject Nevada]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject New Hampshire|WikiProject New Hampshire]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject New Jersey|WikiProject New Jersey]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject New Mexico|WikiProject New Mexico]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject New York|WikiProject New York]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject North Carolina|WikiProject North Carolina]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject North Dakota|WikiProject North Dakota]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Ohio|WikiProject Ohio]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Oklahoma|WikiProject Oklahoma]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Oregon|WikiProject Oregon]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Pennsylvania|WikiProject Pennsylvania]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Rhode Island|WikiProject Rhode Island]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject South Carolina|WikiProject South Carolina]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject South Dakota|WikiProject South Dakota]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Tennessee|WikiProject Tennessee]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Texas|WikiProject Texas]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Utah|WikiProject Utah]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Vermont|WikiProject Vermont]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Virginia|WikiProject Virginia]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Washington|WikiProject Washington]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject West Virginia|WikiProject West Virginia]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Wisconsin|WikiProject Wisconsin]]
* [[Ballotpedia:WikiProject Wyoming|WikiProject Wyoming]]
==='''State-specific templates'''===
To use the state-specific templates listed below, please add the templates to the appropriate state's '''discussion page'''.
Please note that the '''discussion page''' state-specific project template for all states is the abbreviation of the state, with the exception of [[Tennessee]], which is {{tl|tenn}}.
|----- valign="top"
* [[Alabama]]: {{tl|al}}
* [[Alaska]]: {{tl|ak}}
* [[Arizona]]: {{tl|az}}
* [[Arkansas]]: {{tl|ar}}
* [[California]]: {{tl|ca}}
* [[Colorado]]: {{tl|co}}
* [[Connecticut]]: {{tl|ct}}
* [[Delaware]]: {{tl|de}}
* [[Template:WikiProject District of Columbia|DC]]: {{tl|dc}}
* [[Florida]]: {{tl|fl}}
* [[Georgia]]: {{tl|ga}}
* [[Hawaii]]: {{tl|hi}}
* [[Idaho]]: {{tl|id}}
* [[Illinois]]: {{tl|il}}
* [[Indiana]]: {{tl|in}}
* [[Iowa]]: {{tl|ia}}
* [[Kansas]]: {{tl|ks}}
* [[Kentucky]]: {{tl|ky}}
* [[Louisiana]]: {{tl|la}}
* [[Maine]]: {{tl|me}}
* [[Maryland]]: {{tl|md}}
* [[Massachusetts]]: {{tl|ma}}
* [[Michigan]]: {{tl|mi}}
* [[Minnesota]]: {{tl|mn}}
* [[Mississippi]]: {{tl|ms}}
* [[Missouri]]: {{tl|mo}}
* [[Montana]]: {{tl|mt}}
* [[Nebraska]]: {{tl|ne}}
* [[Nevada]]: {{tl|nv}}
* [[New Hampshire]]: {{tl|nh}}
* [[New Jersey]]: {{tl|nj}}
* [[New Mexico]]: {{tl|nm}}
* [[New York]]: {{tl|ny}}
* [[North Carolina]]: {{tl|nc}}
* [[North Dakota]]: {{tl|nd}}
* [[Ohio]]: {{tl|oh}}
* [[Oklahoma]]: {{tl|ok}}
* [[Oregon]]: {{tl|or}}
* [[Pennsylvania]]: {{tl|pa}}
* [[Rhode Island]]: {{tl|ri}}
* [[South Carolina]]: {{tl|sc}}
* [[South Dakota]]: {{tl|sd}}
* [[Tennessee]]: {{tl|tenn}}
* [[Texas]]: {{tl|tx}}
* [[Utah]]: {{tl|ut}}
* [[Vermont]]: {{tl|vt}}
* [[Virginia]]: {{tl|va}}
* [[Washington]]: {{tl|wa}}
* [[West Virginia]]: {{tl|wv}}
* [[Wisconsin]]: {{tl|wi}}
* [[Wyoming]]: {{tl|wy}}

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This page is a list of projects and project templates. Click here for projects you can help to expand. If you're wondering how you can help, find out at "Ways you can help."

How to use these templates:

  • Identifier: Add the appropriate project identifier template to a page's discussion page.
  • Stub: Add the appropriate project stub template to the bottom of a page that is incomplete with information.
  • User badge: Add the appropriate project user badge to a user's discussion page if they write for that particular content project.
  • Project badge: Add the appropriate project badge to a project's discussion page if that page belongs to a particular content project.
  • News desk: Click on the project's new desk link to be taken to a page of the project's recently produced news articles.
  • Improvement: Click on Here! under this section to be taken to a page of articles within that project that need improvement and/or various updates.

Content projects

By clicking on a project's tab below, you will be taken to a list of that project's templates.

For more article improvement templates, click here.

StateExecLogo transparent.png
Project Identifier Portal Stub User badge Project badge Improvement
State Governments {{wso}} - - {{State Gov't Archivist}} - -
State Officials {{wso}} State Executives {{Seo stub}} {{State Official Writer}} {{seo badge}} Here!

Note: In 2011, the Governors/Lt. Govs, State Attorneys General, and Secretaries of State projects were reorganized and placed under the larger State Executive Officials project.

SLP badge.png
Project Identifier Portal Stub User badge Project badge Improvement
State Legislatures {{slp}} State legislatures {{slp stub}} {{Legislatures Writer}} {{slp badge}} Here!
Project Identifier Portal Stub User badge Project badge Improvement
Congress {{cong}} Congress {{cong stub}} {{Congress Writer}} {{cong badge}} Here!
InterstateLogo finaltrans.png
Project Identifier Portal Stub User badge Project badge Improvement
Interstate Compacts {{wic}} Interstate Compacts {{ic stub}} {{ic writer}} {{ic badge}} Here!
Municipal Government Final.png
Project Identifier Portal Stub User badge Project badge Improvement
Municipal Government {{mgov}} Municipal Government {{mgov stub}} {{mgov writer}} {{mgov badge}} Here!
School Board badge.png
Project Identifier Portal Stub User badge Project badge Improvement
School Board Elections {{sb}} School Boards {{sb stub}} {{sb writer}} {{sb badge}} Here!

Editorial and maintenance project templates

The table below identifies templates that are not project-specific and that all projects can use.

For more article improvement templates, click here.

Construction cone.png
Project Identifier Stub User badge Project badge Improvement
States - - - - -
Political Journalism {{wmedia}} {{media stub}} - {{media badge}} -
Activists, donors and organizations {{wado}} {{pod stub}} {{ADO Writer}} {{pod badge}} Here!
State Constitutions {{cons}} {{cons stub}} {{Constitution Writer}} {{Cons badge}} Here!
Original Content {{woc}} - {{Original Writer}} {{Original badge}} -
Campaign Finance {{wfinance}} {{finance stub}} {{Finance Writer}} {{Finance badge}} Here!
WikiProject News {{wn}} - {{News Writer}} {{News badge}} -
Elections {{welec}} {{election stub}} {{Election reporter}} {{Election badge}} Here!
Redistricting {{wrd}} {{rd stub}} {{rd writer}} {{rd badge}} Here!
Terms and Definitions {{wterms}} {{Terms update}} {{Terms writer}} {{Terms badge}} Here!
WikiProject Community {{wcomm}} - {{User Community}} {{comm badge}} -
WikiProject Help {{whelp}} - {{User Help}} {{help badge}} -
WikiProject Images {{wimages}} - {{User Images}} {{image badge}} -
WikiProject Templates {{wtemp}} - {{User Temps}} {{temps badge}} -
Maintenance and Organization {{wmo}} - {{Maintenance department}} {{wmo badge}} -
No Identifiable Category {{Talk undefined}} - - - -

Can't find the appropriate template or project?

If you are unable to find the appropriate template, please use one of the general article improvement templates listed in the table below.

Project Update Stub Copyright issue Talk page Neutrality Missing citation Help Where?
Can't find the appropriate template or project? {{update}} {{stub}} {{Wp-copy-vio}} {{talk undefined}} {{biased}} {{fact}} {{BP help}} Here!

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