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You may be here because you followed a link on a protected page.

  • The page you came from might be temporarily protected so that for the time being, only Ballotpedia administrators can edit the page. Protecting a page in this manner should only be done for a very good reason and that reason should be described on the "discussion" (or "talk") page associated with the protected page.
  • Except for certain pages (see below) that are more permanently protected, setting a page to temporary protection should be just that...temporary.
  • Pages that are about a ballot proposition that hasn't yet been voted on might be protected as a consequence of certain editing behaviors more quickly when the election is closer than when it is further away. In other words, if an edit war, provocative editing, or various other negative editing behaviors break out two days before an election, this might result in protection status quickly being conferred on the page; whereas, those same behaviors three months before the election would more normally lead to attempts to work it out without protection.

Who protected the page?

For this, see the talk page of the protected page.

When will the page be unprotected?

This question should be addressed on the talk page of the article in question.

Edits to protected pages

If you see an error or problem on a protected page, but can't fix it because the page is protected, you can:

  • Wait until the page is unprotected.
  • Leave a note on the protected page's talk page about the problem and the change you envision.
  • Send an email to Ballotpedia's executive editor, Kristinpedia, at Kristinpedia(at)ballotpedia(dot)com.

Pages that are permanently locked

Some pages on Ballotpedia that are locked as a general rule are:

  • The main page.
  • Some complicated templates.
  • Some pages that have to do with legal and copyright issues.