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The 20 free copies have been given away, so it's now too late to win one.
The People's Money.PNG
Ballotpedia is conducting a survey to help us better understand what kind of information our readers want to know about candidates for U.S. Senate and U.S. House.

The survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete (at most).

We are giving away 20 free Kindle or Nook copies of Scott Rasmussen's new book, "The People's Money" to the first 20 people who take our survey.

To be eligible for a free e-book, you must:

  • Own a Kindle or a Nook
  • Provide Ballotpedia with your e-mail address (we need the email address to send an email with a link that allows the reader to pick up their free Kindle or Nook copy)
  • Be one of the first 20 people to complete this survey.

Thank you! If you have any questions before you take the survey, please send an email to

Note that all answers are confidential.

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