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Ready to contribute? It couldn't be easier... this page teaches you how.

Make your first edit

Every article on Ballotpedia has a Edit tab at the top of the page which lets you edit that page. It's Ballotpedia's most basic feature and it allows you to make corrections and add facts to articles. If you add information to a page, please provide references, because unreferenced facts may need to be removed.


To try it out, visit the sandbox and click the Edit tab. This will open an editing window containing the text for that page. Add something fun like "Hello world!" and then click Save page to see your work!

"Show preview"

It's a good habit to use the Show preview button before saving the page. Try making an edit in the sandbox and click Show preview instead of Save page. This allows you to see, before it's saved, how the page will look after your edit. We all make mistakes; this feature lets you catch them. Using Show Preview before saving also lets you try format changes and other edits without cluttering up the page history. Don't forget to save your edits after previewing!

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