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Here's a collection of all the style standards we use here on Ballotpedia. If you find an element that doesn't meet these standards, please take a minute to fix it.


Tables and Headers

Ballot Calendar
2009 Ballot Measure Calendar
Lawsuit news
Statute news
Initiative Gazette
Background: #00008B
Text: "White"
Type Title Subject Description Result

Side templates

Background: Default
Darker Gray Background: #ECEBED
See example of Calendar template to the right


  • Section titles should have the first letter capitalized and all others be lowercase (except proper nouns).
    • Ex. ==New section of importance== not ==New Section Of Importance==
  • Page titles should be as lowercase as possible. This means:
    • The first letter should always be capitalized.
    • Anything other than proper names, such as the name of a person or ballot measure, should be lowercase.
    • State official titles should be uppercase for consistency (e.g. "California Governor")
  • The title of a government position, like "secretary of state," should only be capitalized when it precedes the name of the official, like Secretary of State Joe Smith. When referring to the title/position only, use lowercase. Note that this isn't the case for page titles, as mentioned above.


  • The Ballotpedia identity should only be used against a white background, unless the colors of the text are removed and set against a solid color background.
  • Unless properly resized and specifically needed, the slogan should probably not accompany the identity. In other words, in most cases, opt to use the identity (i.e. "Ballotpedia") on its own.
  • Always use the large version of the identity. The small version we created for the constraints of the wiki isn't fit for publication or other use.