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Here's a collection of all the style standards we use here on Ballotpedia. If you find an element that doesn't meet these standards, please take a minute to fix it.


Tables and Headers

Ballot Calendar
2009 Ballot Measure Calendar
Lawsuit news
Statute news
Initiative Gazette
Background: #00008B
Text: "White"
Type Title Subject Description Result

Side templates

Background: Default
Darker Gray Background: #ECEBED
See example of Calendar template to the right


  • Section titles should have the first letter capitalized and all others be lowercase (except proper nouns).
    • Ex. ==New section of importance== not ==New Section Of Importance==
  • Page titles should be as lowercase as possible. This means:
    • The first letter should always be capitalized.
    • Anything other than proper names, such as the name of a person or ballot measure, should be lowercase.
    • State official titles should be uppercase for consistency (e.g. "California Governor")
  • The title of a government position, like "secretary of state," should only be capitalized when it precedes the name of the official, like Secretary of State Joe Smith. When referring to the title/position only, use lowercase. Note that this isn't the case for page titles, as mentioned above.


  • For consistency and ease of use, we're standardizing the following table code:
{| class="wikitable" style="background:none"
! style="background-color:#00008B; color: white;" | Type
! style="background-color:#00008B; color: white;" | Title
! style="background-color:#00008B; color: white;" | Description
! style="background-color:#00008B; color: white;" | Status

| [[Initiatives to the People (Washington)|IP]]
| [[Washington Lower Property Taxes Initiative I-1033 (2009)|Lower Property Taxes, I-1033]]
| Limit growth of certain state, county and city revenue 
| Certified for circulation


This results in a table looking like this:

Type Title Description Status
IP Lower Property Taxes, I-1033 Limit growth of certain state, county and city revenue to annual inflation and population growth Certified for circulation


  • The Ballotpedia identity should only be used against a white background, unless the colors of the text are removed and set against a solid color background.
  • Unless properly resized and specifically needed, the slogan should probably not accompany the identity. In other words, in most cases, opt to use the identity (i.e. "Ballotpedia") on its own.
  • Always use the large version of the identity. The small version we created for the constraints of the wiki isn't fit for publication or other use.
  • The dimensions must always be preserved. The identity should never be stretched in either direction to make it fit.
  • If enlargement is needed, use the Photoshop file and increase the size of the text. Never, under any circumstance, take the largest version of the logo and simply make it bigger. This will pixelize your image, and the angels will weep for you.