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You can help Ballotpedia in two main ways:
  1. Adding content
  2. Cleaning up through "wiki-gardening"

Adding content

Adding to Ballotpedia is exciting because it helps your neighbors learn about their elections. You could take one ballot measure and become its expert, sharing with others everything you learn. Because it's a living archive, Ballotpedia is a move away from sound bites toward reasoned discussion and debate. Our "What people are saying" page is a testimony to the value readers find here.

Where to start

Here are some ways you can get involved:

What to add

What should you add once you find an interesting article?

  • References to source material
  • Historical details
  • Links within Ballotpedia to other relevant articles
  • Links to relevant external pages


See Ballotpedia:Maintenance


Wiki-gardening refers to a variety of small article adjustments that make them easier to read or navigate, such as adding useful category tags. There's always a lot of wiki-gardening to be done.

Here are some areas that usually need help:

See also