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Ballotpedia is fortunate to have an editor and staff writers, but it is also a free online encyclopedia that is built by volunteer editors and ordinary people. There are many different ways you can help.

Adding content

The way most people think about helping with the growth of Ballotpedia is through adding content--either adding information to existing articles or starting new articles. Getting started walks you through the steps to start making these contributions.

Where to start

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Work on the Collaboration of the Month.
  • Choose a stub article and expand on it.
  • Visit your state page (example: California) and expand on one of the articles listed there.
  • Find a portal that interests you and start working on those articles. Each portal has a to-do list with suggested areas for expansion and improvement.

What to add

What should you add once you find an interesting article?

  • References to source material
  • Historical details
  • Links within Ballotpedia to other relevant articles
  • Links to relevant external pages

Report an error

Notice a problem on a Ballotpedia page? Visit this page to learn more about errors, how to report them and how to fix them.


See Ballotpedia:Article improvement for lists of articles that have been tagged for expansion or improvement.

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