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Building Ballotpedia is something you can do to help people in your city, county, school district and state know more about what's on their ballot. It's an exciting project. You can take just one statewide ballot proposition or one school bond election and both become an expert at it and share what you are learning with others in as encyclopedic a way as you can. Ballotpedia is a way to get away from the 30-second-ad mentality so people have a chance to get a fair, balanced, information-rich overview of ballot measures.

What people are saying is an inspiring testimony to the value that many readers have found so far in this type of information. You can be a part of continuing that tradition of building information for people that can otherwise be very difficult and time-consuming for them to discover, or that just comes at them with too much built-in spin.

You might want to start getting involved but not be sure where to start. Most people who start adding information to Ballotpedia do so because it has an article on it about a very well-known or controversial ballot initiative, or an article about a ballot initiative they have some connection to. Some contributors go on to become seriously into the idea of providing the most excellent articles they possibly can for other people, in the belief and hope that this type of building and sharing knowledge makes the world a better place. If you're thinking about getting more into Ballotpedia editing than just on one or two hot-button articles, here are some ways you can start getting involved:


Wiki-gardening refers to a variety of small-ish tweaks and adjustments to articles that make them easier to read, and that add useful navigational information, such as adding useful category tags.

There's always a lot of wiki-gardening to be done.

Here are some areas that usually need help: