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Editing Help
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This page is part of WikiProject Help, a Ballotpedia project that organizes and expands articles in the help with editing, writing articles, basic information and "about" sections of Ballotpedia.
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Help Project.

To participate: grab a badge to place on your user page, then choose a task from the project page.

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail

About the project

The purpose of this project is to coordinate the updating and expansion of help articles, including:

The project also focuses on the reorganization of help pages on the wiki, in an attempt to improve clarity and ease of use. Once the projects have been completed, we will to promote the use of these resources. If you have any questions, you can contact Amanda Qualls at or on her user talk page.

Article improvement

Help articles that have been flagged for updates or improvements can be found under the article improvement tag, Help articles with issues.

Help articles in need of revision can be flagged with {{BP help}}. They may also be flagged under the general article improvement tag of {{Update}}.

Project templates

Project templates include:

  • {{WikiProject Help}} and its shortcut {{wph}} and {{Whelp}}, which should be placed on the talk page of each article or page within the help project
  • {{Help}}, which is the horizontal navigational template that should be placed on all help content articles
  • {{User Help}}, which can be placed on your user page for quick access to the WikiProject Help

User badge

Help.png This user is a member of the
Help Project.

If you are working on this project, try adding the {{User Help}} template to your user page. This will enable you to quickly access the project page right from your user page whenever you are signed in so you can see what is going on with the project. It will also enable other contributors to see that you're part of this project in case they are looking for someone to help them with the project.