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Ballotpedia:WikiProject Images
The Ballotpedia:WikiProject Images provides guidelines for uploading and using images and files on Ballotpedia. This includes: copyright tags and policies, image categories, flagging copyright violations and adding images to articles.

Other image guides can be found here.

Category structure

Click the "+" in the chart below to expand the list of categories and subcategories. To see a quick breakdown the categories by content area see Image categories.

Click the "+" below to see all subcategories:
Images(80 C, 11 P, 6 F)


Project templates include:

  • {{User Images}}, which can be placed on your user page for quick access to the WikiProject Images.
  • {{wimages}}, should be placed on the talk page of each image file or image-related page.
  • {{copyrights}}, is a navigational tool for quickly accessing Ballotpedia's copyright policies, guidelines and instructions on how to report violations.
  • {{images help}}, usually accompanies copyright tags added to images. This can be used as quick access to various WikiProject Image pages.
  • {{image badge}}, the WikiProject Images logo, which also offers quick access to the WikiProject Images page.

User badge

If you are working on this project, try adding the {{User Images}} template to your user page. This will enable you to quickly access the project page right from your user page whenever you are signed in so you can see what is going on with the project. It will also enable other contributors to see that you're part of this project in case they are looking for someone to help them with the project.

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