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The Ballotpedia Law Project is a project on Ballotpedia to build and improve its articles about the laws that govern ballot measures. Since there are many different {{types of ballot measures}}, there are correspondingly many different sets of articles about these laws that we either do, or should, include on BP. These sets of articles include:

Updating petition requirements & deadlines

For every election, each I&R state stipulates specific signature requirements and deadlines in order to qualify initiatives for upcoming ballots. Below are the project pages to track updates made to "signature requirement" articles as well as "petition deadline" articles. (For example: Alaska signature requirements and Petition drive deadlines, 2010)

Next steps

1. Expand articles about local recall laws for New York, Oklahoma, Virginia.

2. Clean up {{Laws governing the initiative process}}, {{Laws governing ballot measures}}

3. Establish writing guidelines

4. Ballotpedia:WikiProject State Constitutions/2010

Writing guidelines


Portal:Ballot Measure Law

These templates are in use in this project (also see law templates):

Talk page template:

This template goes on the talk (discussion) page of articles in this project (that is, any articles that are related to laws).

Identifying badge:

Navigational templates:

Improvement templates:

User badge:

List of all signature requirement charts in one place:

Articles to improve

See also: Articles to improve

As the project develops, some pages may be rapidly created and may need to be revisited at a later point. For more on articles that are missing components or may need improvement, click here.

Desired articles

See also