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There are 48 pages in this category.
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Ballot measure legislation news
Ballot summary (California)
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California Assembly Bill 732 (2011)
California Environmental Quality Act
California Prolife Council v. Randolph
Cathcart v. Meyer
Circulation of Petitions and Signatures (Arizona)
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Colorado House Bill 1293 (2012)
Combined initiated constitutional amendment and state statute
Florida House Bill 1355 (2011)
History of restrictions on paid circulators
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Maryland State Prosecutor's Office
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Montana House Bill 391 (2011)
Nebraska Legislative Bill 575 (2009)
Nebraska Legislative Bill 759 (2012)
Oklahoma In re Initiative Petition No. 365
Poison pill (ballot measures)
Random sampling
Redevelopment and Housing Authority Referendum (Virginia)
Robles-Wong, et al. vs. the State of California
Signature privacy debate
South Dakota House Bill 1186 (2012)
South Dakota Senate Bill 70 (2012)
State by State Provisional Ballot Laws
State ex rel: Huebsch v. Circuit Court for Dane County
Utah House Bill 119 (2012)
Utah House Bill 44 (2010)
Utah Senate Bill 119 (2010)
Utah Senate Bill 165 (2011)
Utah Senate Bill 275 (2010)
Vargas v. City of Salinas