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The purpose of Ballotpedia's Municipal Government Project is to build, maintain, improve and organize articles about cities, mayors, city councils, county councils, elected officials and candidates.

Article examples

City council election example:

Incumbent example: Coming soon.

Candidate example: Coming soon.

City example:

County example:

Largest 100 cities coverages

Ballotpedia's Municipal Government Team will be covering elections in the 100 largest U.S. cities in 2014. Pages created will include:


Elected officials

There are 1,113 elected city council officials in the 100 largest cities. This includes mayors and city council members.

Writing guidelines

See also :Ballotpedia:WikiProject Municipal Government/Writing guidelines


Coming soon.

Transparency checklist feature

Main page: Transparency Checklist

A transparency checklist is a list of website transparency features that citizens in any part of the United States should be able to find when they visit the websites of counties, cities, school districts and state agencies.

  • Interested in requesting an evaluation of your city?

Read more here.

Article improvement tags

See also: Ballotpedia:WikiProject Municipal government/Articles to improve

Project templates

User badge

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If you're working in this project and you'd like to display the project's user participation badge on your user page (the badge is displayed to your right), add this code to your user page:

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