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Ballotpedia:WikiProject Quality Improvement, Maintenance and Organization

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This is a project page that is the "master" project page:

  • Larger scale projects are planned.
  • Articles relating to quality improvement are organized.
  • Maintenance projects are defined and coordinated.

Next steps

Article improvement

Continue filling out the chart at Ballotpedia:Article improvement, and apply these article improvement templates (AITs) to the appropriate articles.

Review the articles tagged with AITs, and correct, expand or update them as necessary.


These are general maintenance tasks that need to be performed on an ongoing basis:

  • Go to "Special Pages" in the sidebar. Select "Uncategorized pages" and put the pages there into appropriate categories
  • Go to "Special Pages" in the sidebar. Select "Orphaned pages" and create links to the orphan pages from other pages
  • Go to "Special Pages" in the sidebar. Select "Dead-end pages" and put links on those pages to other pages on Ballotpedia
  • Correct Double redirects

Project templates

Copyright templates

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