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Ballotpedia:WikiProject Quality Improvement, Maintenance and Organization

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This is a project page that is the "master" project page:
  • Larger scale projects are planned.
  • Articles relating to quality improvement are organized.
  • Maintenance projects are defined and coordinated.

Next steps

Article improvement

Continue filling out the chart at:


Create a chart of categories.

Review of new articles

We try to review all new articles soon after they are created. This is a two-step process:

  • Volunteers/staff writers check all recent changes periodically throughout the day, adding the template {{na}} to any new articles they see have been created. New articles are identified in the recent changes list with a bold N.
  • Volunteers/staff writers review all articles in the new articles needing preliminary review category making sure that any new article has been checked for basic conformity with BP guidelines. Once this check has been conducted, the {{na}} tag should be removed.
  • Volunteers/staff writers can find the list of all new articles that need to be checked either here or in the New Article Inspection List, which is automatically generated via DPL. Once you remove {{na}} from the article, it will automatically be removed from the inspection list.

Project templates

Copyright templates