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Ballotpedia:WikiProject State Ballot Measures/Articles to improve is a sub-project of Ballotpedia:WikiProject State Ballot Measures. The purpose of this subproject is to:

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There are 494 pages in this category.
Affordable Health BillMarch 10, 2014Expand, categories
Alabama Capital Improvement Trust Fund, Amendment 2 (2014)
Alabama Right to Bear Arms, Amendment 3 (2014)
Alabama Right to Hunt and Fish, Amendment 5 (2014)
Andy Dillon recall, Michigan (2008)
April 5, 2005 ballot measures in California
Arguments pro and con in ballot measure voter guides
Arizona Criminal Penalties Amendment, (2014)
Arizona Ineffective Laws Elimination Amendment (2014)
Arizona No Toll Roads Amendment (2014)
Arizona Political Use of Paychecks Amendment, (2014)
Arizona Public Employee Pension Initiative (2014)
Arizona Smoke-Free Arizona, Proposition 201 (2006)
Talk:Arizona State Sovereignty Amendment, SCR1016 (2014)
Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Initiative (2014)
Arkansas Assignment of Judges and Exchange of Circuits, Amendment 3 (1998)
Arkansas City Taxes, Proposed Amendment 51 (1960)
Arkansas Community College and Technical School Districts, Proposed Amendment 57 (1964)
Arkansas County Official Salaries, Proposed Amendment 56 (1964)
Arkansas Economic Development Credit Enhancement Act, Proposed Question Act 945 (1990)
Arkansas Executive Department, Proposed Amendment 51 (1964)
Arkansas Free Education for All Children, Proposed Amendment 52 (1960)
Arkansas Garland County Gambling, Proposed Amendment 55 (1964)
Arkansas Industrial and Hospital Districts, Proposed Amendment 52 (1964)
Arkansas Initiated Act No. 1, Arkansas School District Reorganization (1966)
Arkansas Local Road Construction, Proposed Amendment 53 (1964)
Arkansas Minimum Wage and Overtime, Initiated Act 1 (1960)
Arkansas Poll Tax Repeal, Proposed Amendment 54 (1964)
Arkansas Salaries for Elected Officials, Proposed Amendment 50 (1960)
Arkansas Short-Term Financing, Amendment 1 (1998)
Arkansas Three-Fifths Tax or Fee Change, Amendment 2 (1998)
Arkansas Water, Waste, and Pollution Facilities Financing, Question 1 (1998)
Ballot initiative consultantsMarch 2008
Ballot measures approved with an 80% vote or more
Bogalusa Concerned CitizensAugust 2009
Brian DownsJune 2009
California 2008 presidential primary election resultsJanuary 15, 2014Was marked as an elections AIT but is actually a ballots AIT
California Controller Certification of Budget Amendment (2014)
California Current Employees Pension Reform Initiative (2014)
California Legislative Vacancy Appointments Amendment (2014)
California Nonpartisan Secretary of State Amendment (2014)
California Public Divest from Israel Act (2010)
California Public Education Facilities Bond (2014)
California Public Employee Benefits Reform Initiative (2010)
California Public Employee Pension Reform Amendment (2012)
California Public Pension Limits Act (2010)
California Public School Investment (2010)
California Reduce Prison Funding, Increase University Funding Amendment (2010)
California Referendum on Authorization of Alternative Redevelopment Agencies (2012)
California Referendum on the $150 Fire Prevention Fee (2012)
California Repeal of Mandatory Auto Insurance Initiative (2010)
California Revenue Source Must Be Specified for Spending Initiatives Amendment (2010)
California Senate Constitutional Amendment 2 (2010)
California Speech Protections for Biblically-Based Speech (2012)
California Stop Insurance Overcharges Act (2010)
California Suspension of Legislators Amendment (2014)
California Tax Increase on Corporate Real Estate Initiative (2010)
California Tax Reform Association
California Tax on Alcohol Initiative (2010)
California Tax on Life Insurance Distributions to Employers (2010)
California Taxes on Community Hospitals (2010)
California Thomas Lomax Taxpayers' Protection Act (2010)
California Tougher Penalties for Human Trafficking Initiative (2010)
California Voter Guide (official)
Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp
Carlsbad Limits on Retirement Benefits, Proposition G (November 2010)
Cathedral City Sales Tax, Measure H (June 2010)
Changes that have been proposed to California's ballot initiative process
Chico Municipal Elections in June Charter Amendment, Measure A (June 2011)
Chris Garland
Chris McKenzie
Chula Vista Public Works Contracts and Unions, Measure G (June 2010)
Chula Vista Utility Users Tax, Proposition H (November 2010)
Citizens Against Road Tolls
City of Adelanto Charter Amendments, Measure U (November 2010)
City of Albany Appointed City Attorney, Measure N (November 2010)
City of Albany Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Advisory Vote, Measure D (November 2006)
City of Albany Tax on Marijuana Dispensaries, Measure Q (November 2010)
City of Albany Utility Users Tax, Measure O (November 2010)
City of Albany bonds, Measure C (November 2006)
City of Artesia Business Tax, Measure Y (November 2009)
City of Brawley Utility Users Tax, Measure K (November 2011)
City of Brisbane Business Tax, Measure J (November 2011)
City of Calexico Sales Tax, Measure H (June 2010)
City of Campbell Appointed City Clerk and City Treasurer, Measure O (November 2010)
City of Campbell Business License Tax, Measure M (November 2010)
City of Campbell Hotel Tax Increase, Measure N (November 2010)
City of Coachella Sales Tax Questions, Measures K and L (November 2011)
City of Coronodo Traffic Tunnel Advisory Vote, Measure H (June 2010)
City of San Bruno Hotel Tax, Measure F (November 2009)
City of San Gabriel Marijuana Enforcement Priorities, Measure Y (November 2006)
City of San Leandro Sales Tax Increase, Measure Z (November 2010)
City of San Luis Obispo Annexation of the Orcutt Area, Measure C (November 2011)
Clay Chastain
Clint Reilly
Colorado Amendment Q (2010), constitutional text changes
Colorado Care and Protection of Livestock Animals Initiative (2014)
Colorado Fiscal Impact of Ballot Measures Initiative (2014)
Colorado Global Day Without Violence Initiative (2010)
Colorado Local Regulation of Oil and Gas Amendment (2014)
Colorado No Clemency for Death Penalty by Governor Initiative (2014)
Colorado Public School Funding Initiative (2014)
Colorado Recall of State and Local Officers Amendment (2014)
Colorado Revenue System Amendment (2011)
Colorado Right to Life
Commerce City Public Service Company Energy Provision Question (November 2012)
Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program
Courage Campaign
Dan Morain
Dan Walters
Dave Gilliard
Deer Mountain Fire Protection District Annexation Question (November 2012)
Delta County Officials Term Limit Questions, 2 (November 2012)
Delta County Spending Authorization Question (November 2012)
Dennis Herrera
Dennis Peron
Denver Public Schools District Levy Increase Question (November 2012)
Direct democracy in North Carolina
Dixie, Snow and Weber Colleges as Private Organizations, Referendum B (1954)
Douglas Heller
Empower the Taxpayer
Endorsements of Michigan ballot measures, 2010
Endorsements of Missouri ballot measures, 2010
Engage Maine
First 5 California
Florida's Labeling of Foods that are Genetically Engineered Initiative (2008)
Florida's Limit Local Budgets Initiative (2008)
Florida "Daisy Chain" Amendment, Amendment 1 (1958)
Florida 75% Property Tax Exemption (2008)
Florida Hillsborough County Solicitor, Amendment 2 (1958)
Florida Legislative Referral Limit Amendment (2014)
Florida Legislative Term Lengths and Limits Amendment (2014)
Florida Lieutenant Governor as Executive Department Head Amendment (2014)
Florida Parental Governing Councils Initiative (2008)
Florida Permission First for Tax Increases Initiative (2008)
Florida Personhood Amendment (2012)
Florida Regional Water Control District Tax Limits, Amendment 1 (March 1976)
Florida Renewable Energy Tax Exemption Amendment (2014)
Florida Right to Intimacy (2) (2012)
Florida Right to have Intimate Privacy (2008)
Florida Same-Sex Marriage Amendment (2014)
Florida School Governance Amendment (2) (2012)
Florida Senior Homestead Assessment Amendment (2012)
Florida State Education Commissioner Amendment (2012)
Florida Stem Cell Research Amendment (2012)
Florida Tax Approval Amendment (2012)
Fred Kimball
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in California
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Colorado
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Connecticut
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Delaware
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Florida
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Georgia
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Hawaii
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Idaho
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Illinois
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Indiana
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Iowa
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Kansas
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Kentucky
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Louisiana
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Maine
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Maryland
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in MichiganDecember 2013
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Minnesota
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Mississippi
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Missouri
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Montana
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Nebraska
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Nevada
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in New Hampshire
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in New Jersey
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in New Mexico
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in New York
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in North Carolina
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in North Dakota
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Ohio
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in South DakotaOctober 2013Was previously posted as a state stub, moving to SBM
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in TennesseeOctober 2011
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Texas
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in UtahMarch 2012
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in VermontJanuary 2011
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in VirginiaJanuary 2011
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in WashingtonAugust 2013
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in West VirginiaOctober 2013Was previously posted as a state stub, moving to Ballots
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in WisconsinJanuary 2011
Gambling initiatives and ballot measures in Wyoming
George Lakoff
Georgia Amendment 1 (1998)
Georgia Amendment 2 (1998)
Georgia Amendment 3 (1998)
Georgia Amendment 4 (1998)
Georgia Amendment 5 (1998)
Georgia Education Trust Fund Amendment (2014)
Georgia Personhood Amendment (2014)
Georgia Question A (1998)
Georgia Question B (1998)
Georgia Question C (1998)
Georgia Question D (1998)
Georgia Question E (1998)
Georgia Taxpayer Protection Amendment (2012)
Hawaii Legislative Power to Reserve Marriage, Question 2 (1998)
Henry Segerstrom
Howard Jarvis
Idaho Disposition of Public Lands Amendment (2014)
Idaho Legislative Veto Session Amendment (2014)
Idaho Persons Subject to Military Duty Amendment (2014)
Idaho Privatization of Liquor Sales Initiative (2015)
Idaho Public Employee Accountability Act (2008)
Idaho Sale of Public University Lands Amendment (2014)
Illinois Fair Map Amendment Coalition
Indiana Healthcare Freedom Act (2010)
Indiana Protect Right to Vote Act, Public Question 1 (1998)
Indiana Residency Requirements for State Officials Act, Public Question 2 (1998)
Indiana Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment, SJ 7 (2014)
Indiana SJR-7 (2008)
Institute of Governmental Studies
Iowa Equal Rights Act, Chapter 216 (1998)
Iowa Offenses Tried without Indictment Act, Chapter 217 (1998)
Iowa Same-Sex Marriage Ban Amendment (2014)
JSM, Inc.
Jensen v. California Franchise Tax Board
Jess KnoxJuly 2008
John Matsusaka
Jon Coupal
Katherine KingJune 2010
Kentucky General Assembly Session Organization, Amendment 1 (1998)
Kentucky Property Tax Exemptions, Amendment 2 (1998)
Kentucky Registry of Election Finance
LFM Campaigns
Legislative Referendum (Michigan)
Lenny Goldberg
Libertarian Party ballot accessFebruary 2008Needs talk page, expansion
Louisiana Appointment to the Board of Regents Guidelines, Amendment 2 (1998)
Louisiana Name of Board of Trustees of University of Louisiana System, Amendment 1 (1998)
Louisiana Participation in Medicaid Expansion Amendment (2014)
Louisiana Public Healthcare for People Below Poverty Line Amendment (2014)
Louisiana State Minimum Wage Amendment (2014)
Maine 4 Taxpayers
Maine Ban Slot Machines (2008)
Maine Center for Economic Policy
Maine Chiefs of Police Association
Maine Citizens for Medical Marijuana
Maine Citizens for Patients' Rights
Maine Coalition to Save Schools
Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices
Maine Commonsense
Maine Leads
Maine Mandatory Minimum Sentencing for Sexual Offenses Initiative (2014)
Maine Marijuana Policy Initiative
Maine Parental Consent for Abortion Initiative (2014)
Maine People for Improved School Education
Maine Remove Restrictions on the Carrying and Use of Weapons Initiative (2014)
Maine Remove the Concealed Handgun Permit Requirement Initiative (2014)
Mark Paul
Marylanders for Responsible Enforcement
Massachusetts Repeal of 40B, the Affordable Housing Law (2010)
Michigan Bear Hunting Limit Act, Proposal D (1996)
Michigan Disablity Language Amendment, Proposal A (1998)
Michigan Environmental Bonds, Proposal C (1998)
Michigan Judicial Qualifications Amendment, Proposal B (1996)
Michigan Legalization of Lethal Medication to Terminally Ill, Proposal B (1998)
Michigan Legislature 2/3 Vote Amendment, Proposal 2 (2000)
Michigan Sales and Property Tax Amendment, Proposal A (June 1993)
Michigan School Aid Fund Amendment (2012)
Michigan Veteran Trust Fund Amendment, Proposal C (1996)
Michigan Vouchers and Teacher Testing Amendment, Proposal 1 (2000)
Michigan Wildlife Management Referendum, Proposal G (1996)
Minnesota Judicial Selection Amendment (2014)
Minnesota Legislative Referral Voting Requirements Amendment (2014)
Missouri Campaign Finance Limit Initiative (2012)
Missouri Corporate Tax Credits Initiative (2008)
Missouri Early Voting and Election Procedure Initiative (2012)
Missouri Supreme Court Justices Elections Amendment (2014)
Missourians United for Choice in Healthcare
Missourians for the Protection of Dogs
Montana "Dark Money" Initiative (2014)
Montana Commercial Trapping Amendment (2010)
Montana Irrigation Ditches Amendment (2010)
Montana Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2016)
Montana Prohibit Warrantless Digital Communication Searches Initiative (2014)
Montana Right to Natural Consumables Amendment (2014)
Montana Special Elections for US Senator Vacancies Initiative (2014)
More Green Now
Nebraska 2/3 Legislative Majority to Modify Initiatives Amendment, Measure 418 (2004)
Nebraska Gambling Laws by Initiatives Amendment, Measure 417 (2004)
Nebraska Mountain Lion Hunting Permit Measure (2012)
Nebraska Tax and License Fee Amendment (2012)
Nevada Background Checks for Gun Purchases Initiative (2014)
Nevada Charitable Lotteries Initiative (2012)
Nevada Constitution Language on Voting, Question 7 (2004)
Nevada Creation of a State Intermediate Appellate Court, SJR 14 (2014)
Nevada Frivolous Litigation Penalties, Question 5 (2004)
Nevada Healthcare Exchange Initiative (2014)
Nevada Healthcare Malpractice Damages, Question 3 (2004)
Nevada Insurance Rate Reduction and Reform Act, Question 4 (2004)
Nevada Per Pupil Expenditure, Question 2 (2004)
Nevada Public Office and Issues Secret Ballot Amendment (2014)
Nevada Public School Funding, Question 1 (2004)
Nevada Sales and Use Tax Revision, Question 8 (2004)
Nevada State Legislature Revision Amendment (2014)
Nevada Voter ID Initiative (2014)
Nevadans for Sensible Marijuana Laws
New Hampshire Constitutional Amendment (2004)
New Hampshire Education Amendment (2012)
New Jersey Appropriations Cap Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Balanced Budget Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Dredging Project Funding Amendment, ACR 79 (2014)
New Jersey Election of Comptroller and Elimination of Auditor Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Fiscal Impacts and Revenues Amendment, ACR 70 (2014)
New Jersey Fuel Tax Revenue to Transportation Trust Fund Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Full-Time Legislators Amendment, ACR 95 (2014)
New Jersey Gubernatorial Partial Term Excluded from Term Limit Amendment, SCR 118 (2014)
New Jersey Homestead Real Property Limited Assessment Amendment, ACR 88 (2014)
New Jersey Homestead Rebate Amounts for Veterans Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Horse Racetrack Betting Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Housing Rights and Opportunities Amendment, ACR 15 (2014)
New Jersey Initiative and Referendum Amendment, ACR 67 (2014)
New Jersey Initiative and Referendum on Fiscal Policy Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Legislative Term Limits Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Limited Constitutional Convention on Property Taxes and Government Spending Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Maintenance and Support of Free Public Schools Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Marriage Amendment, ACR 11 (2014)
New Jersey Parental Notification for Pregnancy Medical Treatment Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Payments to Municipalities for Open Space Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Pretrial Detention Amendment, SCR 128 (2014)
New Jersey Prohibition of Healthcare Coverage Mandates Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Prohibition of Revenue Diversion Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Property Tax Reduction for Open Space Amendment, SCR 37 (2014)
New Jersey Public Education Funding Per Pupil Amendment, ACR 42 (2014)
New Jersey Public Employee Benefit Enhancement Funding Amendment, ACR 66 (2014)
New Jersey Public Employees Right to Collective Bargaining Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Realty Transfer Fee Revenue for Shore Protection Amendment, ACR 28 (2014)
New Jersey Recall Petition Signature Requirement Amendment, ACR 78 (2014)
New Jersey Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Participation Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Restrict Non-blighted Property Condemnation Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Retirement Age for Judges and Justices Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Right to Privacy from Government Intrusion Amendment, ACR 24 (2014)
New Jersey Sales and Use Tax for Open Space Preservation Funding Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Sports Betting Funds for Developmental Disabilities Residence Amendment, ACR 61 (2014)
New Jersey State Tax Bill Supermajorities Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Supreme Court Elections and Tenure Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Surplus Revenue Funds and Estimating Process Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Suspension and Replacement of Indicted Elected Officials Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Tax Exemption for Disabled Use and Access of Homes Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Transfer of Judiciary Probation Functions Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Vehicle Fee for Transportation System Amendment, ACR 37 (2014)
New Jersey Veterans’ Property Tax Deduction Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Voter Approval of Indebtedness Amendment (2014)
New Jersey Voter Approval of Indebtedness for Transportation Amendment, ACR 90 (2014)
New Jersey Water Consumption Tax for Open Space Preservation Funding Amendment, ACR 116 (2014)
New Mexico Board of Regents Amendment (2014)
New Mexico Candidacy Declarations in Judicial Retention Elections Amendment (2014)
New Mexico Classroom Construction Bond, Question D (2004)
New Mexico Dates for School Elections Amendment (2014)
New Mexico Land Grant Fund Investments Amendment (2014)
New Mexico Library Acquisition Bond 1, Question A (2004)
New Mexico Library Acquisition Bond 2, Question C (2004)
New Mexico Senior Citizen Center Bond, Question B (2004)
New Mexico Urban County Charter Amendment (2014)
Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello, Mueller & Naylor
No Higher Taxes for Maine
North Carolina Appointment of Magistrates Amendment (2012)
North Carolina English Language Amendment (2012)
North Carolina Gubernatorial Election Amendment (2012)
North Carolina Private Property Amendment (2012)
North Carolina Secret Ballot Amendment (2012)
North Carolina Senate and House Leader Term Limits Amendment (2012)
North Carolina State Savings Fund Amendment (2012)
North Dakota Construction and Placement of a Pipeline Petition (2008)
North Dakota Hunters for Fair Chase
North Dakota Property Tax Reform Initiative (2014)
North Dakotans for Affordable Healthcare
North Dakotans for Lower Prescription Drugs
Official voter guide (ballot measures)
Ohio Department of Agriculture
Ohio Gubernatorial Vetoes Amendment (1908)
Ohio Redistricting Map Veto Referendum (2012)
Ohio Right to Life
Ohio Slot Machines at Horse Tracks Referendum (2011)
Ohio Youngstown Casino Amendment (2012)
Oklahoma "Personhood" Amendment (2012)
Oklahoma 1912 ballot measures
Oklahoma 1940 ballot measures
Oklahoma 1942 ballot measures
Oklahoma 1946 ballot measures
Oklahoma 1949 ballot measures
Oklahoma 1950 ballot measures
Oklahoma 1951 ballot measures
Oklahoma 1952 ballot measures
Oklahoma 1954 ballot measures
Oklahoma 1955 ballot measures
Oklahoma 1956 ballot measures
Oklahoma 1958 ballot measures
Oklahoma Gambling Machine Additions, Question No. 712 (2004)
Oklahoma Lottery Commission, Question No. 705 (2004)
Oklahoma Military Service While In Office Amendment(2012)
Oklahoma State Question 164, Sale of Oleomargarine Veto Vote (1932)
Oklahoma State Question 215 (1940)
Oklahoma State Question 216, Vending Machines Veto Vote (1938)
Oklahoma State Question 236, Taxes on Oleomargarine Veto Vote (1938)
Oklahoma State Question 238, State Oil Inspectors (1938)
Oklahoma State Question 437, Congressional Redistricting (1966)
Oklahoma State Question 469, Veto Measure (1970)
Oklahoma State Question 670 (1996)
Oklahoma State Question 753 (2010)
Oklahoma State Question 94, Chiropractor Regulations Veto Vote (1920)
Oklahoma Tax and Fee Usage, Question No. 707 (2004)
Oklahoma Tobacco Sales Tax Elimination, Question No. 713 (2004)
Oklahoma Violent Video Game Tax Question (2012)
Oregon Ballot Measure 4 (2008)
Oregon Hiring of State Judges by National Guard and State Universities, Measure 87 (2014)
Oregon Mandatory Labeling of GMOs Initiative, Measure 92 (2014)
Oregon Unified Primary Elections Initiative (2014)
Paul Gann
Peace and Freedom Party
Pennsylvania Size of Legislature Reduction Amendment (2015)
People United for Medical Marijuana
People v. Kelly
Permanent OffenseSeptember 2009
Personhood Florida
Personhood Mississippi
Personhood Missouri
Personhood Nevada
Petition blockingclean up/update
Predicted impact if Proposition 19 is approved and marijuana becomes legal in California
Protect MI Vote
Protect Maine Equality
Protect Marriage WashingtonSeptember 2009
Public Policy Institute of California
Reed Hastings
Referendum (Colorado)
Repair California
Rhode Island Constitutional Convention Question (2014)
Rhode Island bond questions
Richard Lee
Robert Lee Pence
Sensible Colorado
Slate mailer
Statewide bond propositions (California)
Still Fed Up With Taxes
Tax Cannabis 2010
Term limits in Nebraska
The Wayne Johnson Agency
Thomas Elias
United Property Owners of Montana
Utah 1952 ballot measuresFebruary 2012
Utah 1954 ballot measuresJune 2011
Utah 1958 ballot measuresFebruary 2012
Utah Appointed Lieutenant Governor, Amendment B (2014)
Utah Definition of Public School System, Proposition 6 (1996)
Utah English as Official Language, Initiative A (2000)May 2013
Utah House Bill No. 38 Referendum (2007)
Utah Process of Recall Amendment, HJR 4 (2014)
Utah Public Ownership of Stock, Amendment 2 (2004)
Virginia Independent Redistricting Commission Amendment (2016)
Vote YES to Reject New Taxes
Washington Assault Crimes Initiative (2008)February 2010
Washington Elimination of Agricultural Tax Preferences for Marijuana, Advisory Vote No. 8 (2014)
Washington Leasehold Excise Tax on Tribal Property, Advisory Vote No. 9 (2014)
Washington Limit Property Tax Increases Initiative (2008)February 2010
Washington Public Power Resources, Initiative 12 (1943)August 2011
Washington U.S. Legal Presence Initiative I-1043 (2009)February 2010
West Virginia "More Accessible Legislature" Amendment (2014)
West Virginia "Religious Freedom" Amendment (2014)
West Virginia Board of Education Elections Amendment (2014)
West Virginia Bonds for Road Repairs Amendment (2014)
West Virginia Future Fund Amendment (2014)
West Virginia Homestead Exemption Increase Amendment (2014)
West Virginia Initiative, Referendum and Recall Amendment (2014)
West Virginia Legislative Veto Sessions Amendment (2014)
West Virginia Marriage Amendment (2014)
West Virginia Organization Date of State Legislature Amendment (2014)
West Virginia Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment (2014)
West Virginia Water Resources Protection Amendment (2014)
Wisconsin Constitutional Convention Referendum, Question 2 (1866)January 2013
Wisconsin Equal Suffrage Referendum, Question 2 (1847)July 2013
Wisconsin General Banking Law Referendum, Question 2 (1867)June 2012
Wisconsin Personhood Amendment (2014)January 2013
Wisconsin Senate Bill 417 (2010)April 2011
Wisconsin Treasurer and Secretary of State Amendment (2014)January 2013
Wisconsin Voter ID Amendment (2014)January 2013
Wyoming "Sharia Law Amendment" (2012)
Wyoming Healthcare Damage Limit, Question D (2004)
Wyoming Healthcare Resolution, Question C (2004)
Wyoming Local Economic and Industrial Development, Question B (2004)
Wyoming Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2016)
Wyoming Same-Sex Marriage Amendment (2012)
Wyoming School Revenue Limit, Question A (2004)
Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Amendment (2016)
Wyoming Term Limits Referendum (1996)

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