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Ballotpedia:WikiProject State Ballot Measures/Types is a sub-project of Ballotpedia:WikiProject State Ballot Measures. The purpose of the "types" subproject is to help organize BP articles about statewide ballot measures with respect to their legal type:

Legal types

State-specific terms

Chart abbreviations

If you're working on a chart, you will want to use abbreviations to represent the legal type of each ballot measure in the chart. Here are the standard abbreviations:

Type Sentence abbrev. Chart abbrev. Displays as
legislatively-referred constitutional amendment {{lrcafull}} {{lrca}} LRCA
legislatively-referred state statute {{lrssfull}} {{lrss}} LRSS
initiated constitutional amendment {{icafull}} {{ica}} CICA
initiated state statute {{issfull}} {{iss}} CISS
veto referendum {{vrfull}} {{vr}} VR
automatic ballot referral {{abrfull}} {{abr}} ABR
commission referral {{crfull}} {{cr}} CR
indirect initiated state statute {{iissfull}} {{iiss}} IndISS

To-do list

  • Establish categories for the legal types.
  • Apply the categories by year.

Veto referendum

Other subprojects

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