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There are three article improvement tags used within the SEO project:

  1. {{SEO unique news update}}: Type {{SEO unique news update}} at the end of a section that could require a news-related update at some point the future.
  2. {{SEO update}}: Type {{SEO update}} at the top of a page that needs to be updated. Either the information on the page is out of date or the page needs to be brought in line with the SEO project writing guidelines. Include the reason for what needs updating.
  3. {{SEO stub}}: Type {{SEO stub}} at the bottom of a basic stub page. According to the SEO project writing guidelines, a stub page should have the following components:
  1. Infobox
  2. Introductory sentence
  3. See also section
  4. External links and references
  5. Categories
  6. Templates


Using the tags:

  • XXXX = tag name
  • MONTH = add the appropriate month. i.e. January and year, ie, January 2013
  • Reason = add the appropriate reason for the tag

Example: {{SEO update|Month=January 2013|Reason=Needs expansion}}

How to write about
state executives
Starting an article (stub)
Blank Example Article
InfoboxIntro sentence
ImagesSee also section
External links and references
General offices:
Intro sentence
Feature - elected or appointed
OfficeholdersSee also section
External links and references
State offices:
InfoboxIntro sentence
Current officeholderAuthority
Historical officeholders
Contact informationSee also section
External links and references
InfoboxIntro sentence
BiographyPolitical career
Elections (Issue positions)
Campaign contributions
See also section
External links and references
Succession boxes
SEO news desk
The project

Unique news

There are currently 34 state executive pages that need to be updated:

Type "{{SEO unique news update|Month=|Reason=}}" to use this tag
There are 34 pages in this category.
Deborah GistFebruary 2015Leaving office by June 30, 2015
Kansas Commissioner of EducationDec 2014
Gary R. Herbert
Maine Secretary of StateJanuary 2015Proposed elimination of office
Mario J. MusolinoMarch 2015Ongoing story
Brad NeuenswanderDec 2014
Kathleen KaneApril 2015Pending proceedings
Pedro A Rivera
Patricia AcamporaApril 2015Appointment lapsed in February
Teresa MillerMarch 2015Awaiting confirmation
Kathy Manderino
Cindy Adams Dunn
Pedro A. Cortés
Wendy DavisJanuary 2014see where ethics complaint goes
Jay EmlerMarch 2015Term ended but no news on replacement
Jim RidlingJanuary 2015Term coming up January 19, 2015
Scott WalkerMarch 2015Ongoing investigation
Bobby JindalApril 2015Ongoing story
Russell Redding
Paul RobertiApril 2015Awaiting news on reappoint/replacement
Missouri State AuditorApril 2015Update on swearing-in on Nicole Galloway at end of April
John Hoffman (New Jersey)September 2013Gov undecided if position is temporary or permanent
Attorney General of New JerseyMarch 2014Follow progress on elected AG
Hope AndradeApril 2015Appointment lapsed
Tom DesjardinApril 2015Acting commissioner waiting for Senate confirmation
Connecticut Commissioner of EducationApril 2015Wetzell appointment awaiting confirmation
Dianna WetzellApril 2015Wetzell appointment awaiting confirmation
Pennsylvania Secretary of Labor & Industry
Hawaii Chairperson of Land and Natural ResourcesApril 2015Pending appointment
Chris ChristieFebruary 2015Ongoing federal investigation
John HickenlooperMarch 2015Ongoing lawsuits
Matt Mead
Sam BrownbackJanuary 2015Ongoing federal grand jury investigation
Bill Haslam


There are currently 1 state executive pages that need to be updated:

There are 1 pages in this category.
Luis Guillermo Fortuño BursetMay 1, 2014Creation of PR page, work in progress


There are currently 6 stubs in the state executive project:

There are 6 pages in this category.
Mitchell Chester
State executive official elections, 2017
Sandra J. Adams
Gordon Ito
Missouri gubernatorial election, 2016
Oregon gubernatorial special election, 2016