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November 19, 2010

By Al Ortiz

According to Ballotpedia's count, 87 proposed constitutional amendments were approved by voters across the country in 2010 (pending official election results) leaving many state constitutions up for alteration. With those state constitutions set to be amended, Ballotpedia has taken a closer look as to exactly when those changes will be made and when those amendments will take effect.

States have different deadlines in which state constitutions are changed after an amendment(s) is enacted by voters in an election. A detailed chart reflecting those deadlines highlights those dates and compares each date with other states. Some of the dates are set by state statutes, while others are determined by constitutional mandates.

Of the 32 states that passed constitutional amendments during 2010, six of those states won't see any changes until 2011. The state that had the latest date for an amendment to be enacted was Louisiana, where Amendment 2's effective date is April 1, 2012. The second latest date was January 1, 2012 for Lousiana's Amendment 1 that appeared on the October 2 ballot. In third place, North Dakota's Measure 1 won't go into effect until June 30, 2011.

Although several states approved amendments to their state constitutions, six states did not approve amendments. Of those six states, two did not have any amendments on the ballot for voters to decide on.

The state of Ohio did not have any amendments on the general election ballot, but did have two on the statewide May 4, 2010 primary ballot. Those measures are already in effect.

Although the chart does include amendments that were on special, primary and general election ballots, the dates included on the chart reflect the enactment dates of amendments on the November 2, 2010 ballot.

For more specific details the chart can be found here.

NOTE: Hawaii's date on the chart is pending, as information from the Hawaii Elections office is still being obtained as of November 19.

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