Benson City General Development Plan Referendum (May 2010)

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There may be a Benson City General Development Plan Referendum on the May 18 ballot in Cochise County for voters in the city of Benson.

November 23, 2009 the city council approved the rezoning of a 148 acre parcel of land within the city, city residents are trying to get a petition approved that would rather allow a referendum vote on the issue instead. The approved area would be rezoned to be high density residential and commercial, meaning the developers would be able to build a significant number of new houses and businesses. Local residents did not think it fair that neighboring communities were not asked their opinion of the rezoning or how an increase in houses would affect them. Many also did not think it right that the council push such an issue so quickly through the council without public meetings or opinions. In order for the petition to be approved, 76 valid signatures would be needed. Over 143 were turned in to the county election department, approval of them is pending.[1]