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Bettina Rodriguez-Aguilera recall, Doral, Florida (2013)

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An effort to recall Bettina Rodriguez-Aguilera from her position on the city council of Doral, Florida, fell short in April 2013.[1]


Vanessa Brito served as president of the recall committe, Miami Voice. Reasons for recall included the fact that Rodriguez-Aguilera ran for office after living less than the necessary two years in Doral. A judge ultimately ruled in Rodriguez-Aguilera's favor regarding her legal residency. Rodriguez-Aguilera has also filed a lawsuit against the city alleging gender discrimination.[1]

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Brito says that in April 2013, she submitted 1,936 signatures to the county elections department. However, the county elections department says it received only 1,038 signatures. Approximately 1,700 signatures were required to force a recall election.[1]

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