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* [ List of Republican candidates certified for the June 1, 2010 primary in Alabama]
* [ List of Republican candidates certified for the June 1, 2010 primary in Alabama]
*[ Biography from Project Vote Smart]
*[ Biography from Project Vote Smart]
*[ The Wetumpka Herald, Senate, House elections will be critical]

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Bill Holtzclaw
Candidate for
Alabama State Senate, District 2

Political party Republican
Website Campaign website
Bill Holtzclaw is a Republican candidate for District 2 of the Alabama State Senate. The primary election was on June 1, 2010 and the general election is on November 2.

Holtzclaw served in the Marine Corps after graduating from Jonesboro High School in 1982. He served until he retired from active duty in 2003. Holtzclaw then earned his BS in Business from Athens State University in 2006. He is currently enrolled in a MS in Management program at Florida Institute of Technology.



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Holtzclaw's opponent in the November 2 general election is Tom Butler.

Campaign themes

Holtzclaw list the following themes on his campaign website:

State issues
  • Decentralizing the Power Base in Montgomery
Excerpt: "We cannot lose sight of the fact that the centralized power base in Montgomery continues to negatively affect bipartisan efforts in this region."
  • Economic Development
Excerpt: "...I will work to bring new businesses to District 2. But I also believe the state must provide incentives to existing business and industry as well. We must do more to help struggling businesses keep their doors open and viable in these tough times."
  • Ethics Reform
Excerpt: " Government is not smarter than the people they represent, and I support an open, honest, transparent government where the peoples’ voice is not only heard but also acted upon."
  • Transportation Needs in North Alabama
Excerpt: "North Alabama is a key economic engine of the state, and while I support a portion of this region’s success to assist less-developed parts of the state, the majority of funding should return to North Alabama."
  • Public Education
Excerpt: "The quality of tomorrow’s workforce depends upon the educational foundation we lay today. We must support high standards in education, as they will pay long term dividends in economic development – ensuring jobs for tomorrow and beyond."
  • A Few General Observations
Excerpt: "I believe public officials are NOT smarter than the people who elected them to govern – elected officials need to listen to the people. I believe in an open and honest government where the people’s voice is not only heard but acted upon... To me, fiscal conservatism means balancing budgets - not running deficits that the next generation can't afford."
Federal issues
  • The Right to Life
Excerpt: "I am unabashedly pro-life and against abortion except in the case of rape, incest or danger to the life of the mother."
  • The Right to Bear Arms
Excerpt: "I believe in the Second Amendment and am convinced that law-abiding citizens should be able to purchase and keep guns free from interference by the federal government."
  • Health Care Reform
Excerpt: " I support fixing what’s wrong with health care, which doesn’t mean a complete government overhaul of the system. Health care reform is a three-legged stool – we cannot talk health care reform without talking tort reform, illegal immigration and personal responsibility for healthy lifestyle choices."
  • National Defense
Excerpt: "I believe the best defense is a strong offense. We must support and equip the men and women who valiantly serve our nation and its interests abroad."
  • Illegal Immigration
Excerpt: "Fault for our illegal immigrant problems lies with the federal government all the way down to the local businesses who hire illegal immigrants as laborers." [1]

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