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Bill Kennedy
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Candidate for
Governor of New Hampshire
Military service
Service/branchU.S. Air Force
Years of service1982-1992; 1995-2011
Campaign website
Bill Kennedy was a 2012 Democratic candidate for Governor of New Hampshire in the 2012 elections.[1] Kennedy was defeated by Margaret Hassan in the Democratic primary on September 11, 2012. [2]


Kennedy has lived in New Hampshire since 1967. He graduated from Portsmouth High School in 1978 and from the University of New Hampshire in 1982. After college, he was commissioned into the U.S. Air Force where he served for 10 years. He re-entered the Air Force Reserve in 1995 and returned to New Hampshire in 1997.[3]


  • Portsmouth High School (1968)
  • BA, Sociology and criminal justice, University of New Hampshire (1982)
  • MA, International Relations, Oklahoma University



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Kennedy was seeking the Democratic nomination for Governor of New Hampshire in the 2012 elections.[4] The primary election was held on September 11, 2012.Kennedy was defeated by Margaret Hassan in the Democratic primary.[5]


On his campaign website, Kennedy identifies 15 key issues in his campaign platform:[6]

  1. Champion of Right to Education - "Public funded education K-12 is a right!"
  2. Champion of Women’s Rights/Pro-Choice - "I am pro-choice although my personal beliefs are at odds with this issue. As a law enforcement officer in the military and supporting civil agencies I witnessed considerable abuse and neglect. Why force someone to have a child if the outcome is potentially negative? I love children and believe there is enough love in America to give an unwanted child refuge although we can’t guarantee it. I don’t mind telling you or the voters that I am ethically torn on this issue but I also don’t believe that a government needs to make or force this decision! I am an advocate for Funding for Planned Parenthood and especially reproductive health services!"
  3. Champion, Advocate and Protector of Children - "On average 52 children die every year in NH due to abuse or neglect … 52 too many! Greater intervention is necessary and we have an obligation to protect the children."
  4. Advocate for Affordable Health Care for Everyone - "We need an umbrella of coverage for those that can’t afford healthcare and a way to mitigate costs for those that do not have a subsidized health plan!"
  5. Advocate for Equitable Education Funding and Adequate State Funded Educational Institutions - "I will insure that the state becomes fiscally responsible for education as was ruled by the State Supreme Court."
  6. Advocate for Environment, RGGI and CEI - "I am an advocate for Green initiatives and have witnessed the benefits in the military where energy alternatives and conservation have reaped billions in savings. Our state has and will continue to benefit from these initiatives and partnerships with our state universities have allowed us to capitalize on innovations distinct to NH through organic academic ingenuity! I am also against the Northern Pass initiative as proposed and would not offer a consideration until alternative line laying was proposed, property holders were protected from eminent domain and that the venture would guarantee a reduction in utility rates across the state!"
  7. I Promote Bi-Partisan Discussion - "Moderate Democrat with collaborative attributes!"
  8. I Promote Fiscal Responsibility With Adequate State Funded Infrastructure - "Increased efficiency through elimination of waste and fraud, consolidation, modernization, and targeted funding!"
  9. Anti Death Penalty (has not been effective deterrent)/Hard on Victim and White Collar Crimes - "We need to work on alternatives for minor offenders such as work release, fines and community service while looking at stricter sentencing standards for the hardened 20%!"
  10. Advocate for improved Mental Health and Senior Care facilities and standards
  11. 'Champion of Civil Rights and Liberties/Pro Gay Marriage - "I’ve spoken openly and supported gay marriage even before it was popular. Although it is not my orientation, why would anyone (or a government) impinge on someone’s right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? There are public comments I’ve made regarding support on radio and TV. This issue was obviously not popular in the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military that I was part of and made many uncomfortable. I supported those that had alternative orientation as long as it did not impinge on discipline, unit cohesiveness or Esprit de Corps. In a predominately far Right culture (military) there was a good percentage that advocated Liberal fairness … I was one of those."
  12. Anti Casino (open to discussion but do not favor placement in Urban areas due to Corruption, Crime, Social Issues, Addiction, Impact to Businesses, etc) - "I am the first candidate to publicly declare my opposition to Casinos. As a law enforcement officer supported by an academic degree in sociology and criminal justice, I can guarantee that there are social issues, crime and corruption that is almost certain to follow this venture. Pro-Casino supporters will argue that there is no data to support this but countless negative examples exist around every Casino in America and abroad."
  13. Pro Campaign Finance Reform and Public Funding - I am against the politics of special interests, lobbyist or personal interest unless it is in the best interest of the people and thus my declaration in support of public campaign funding. Public funds will allow other great under funded candidates to pursue public office and prevent any candidate from having to compromise convictions for financial support."
  14. Anti High Property Taxes - I am the first candidate to controversially declare what is right rather than what is popular. I am pro-broad based tax that has everyone contributing (especially those that have the ability to pay)! I am against the large tax burden we put on the backs of our property owners and small businesses. I didn’t take the Pledge and publicly declared that property taxes were exceedingly high and unfair and proposed a fairer and more equitable broad based income tax which is tied to a person’s actual ability to pay! I would not champion this without a correlating 50% cut in property taxes and abatements to business and corporate taxes; to make us more competitive and draw new business into the state and foster growth, development and most importantly jobs. With that said, I don’t want perpetuation or implementation of additional taxes without abating regressive and unfair taxes.
  15. Advocate for Animal Rights

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