Bob Newell recall, Parkersburg, West Virginia (2011)

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An effort to recall Bob Newell from his elected position as mayor of Parkersburg, West Virginia, was launched in January 2011.[1] The recall effort did not result in a recall election.[2]

Sandy Staats, president of the Parkersburg Tea Party, was a leader in the recall effort.[1] Joe Backus was also involved in the recall campaign.[2]

The reason behind the recall effort was Newell's vote to impose a $2.50-a-week user fee or per-head tax, on Parkersburg residents.[3] Everyone who lives in Parkersburg must pay the fee.[4] The user fee/tax was imposed by the city council in January 2011 on a 5-4 vote.[3]

Path to the ballot

Signatures that equal 20% of the approximately 19,000 registered voters in Parkersburg, or about 3,790 signatures, would have needed to be submitted in order to force a special recall election.[3]

There was a legal dispute about how many days are allowed to collect the signatures.[5]

The recall attempt ultimately failed to force a recall election.[2]