Bob Werkhoven and Ken Evenson recall, Valley City, North Dakota (2012)

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A vote about whether to recall Bob Werkhoven and Ken Evenson from their elected positions in Valley City, North Dakota, took place in a January 24th, 2012 election.[1] The recall effort was launched in June 2011.[2] Werkhoven retained is his seat, but Evenson was recalled.[3]

Werkhoven is the mayor of Valley City, and Evenson was a member of Valley City's city council. Duane Magnuson replaced Evenson on the council.[3]


In September 2011, police chief Dean Ross was suspended amid allegations that he mishandled public money. After the recall effort against Werkhoven made it to the ballot, Ross announced his intentions to run for mayor in the replacement election. Potential mayoral challengers must submit 159 signatures in order to get their names on the ballot. Duane Magnuson plans to run for city council.[1] On November 28th, it was announced that Ross had submitted enough signatures to quality for the ballot.[4]

Path to the ballot

Recall supporters submitted signatures to force a recall on September 19, 2011.[5]

  • To recall Werkhoven, 396 valid signatures of registered voters are required.
  • To recall Evenson, 354 valid signatures of registered voters are required.

More than 500 signatures were submitted for each recall target.

The signatures must be verified within 30 days of when they were submitted.[6]

City Auditor Avis Richter reported that the signatures were certified on October 17. A special recall election has been scheduled for January 24th.[1]

Election results

  •  % of votes to recall Bob Werkhoven: 43% Defeatedd
  •  % of votes to retain Bob Werkhoven: 57%
  •  % of votes to recall Ken Evenson: 52% Approveda
  •  % of votes to retain Ken Evenson: 48%

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