Bolinas Beach No Camping Advisory Vote, Measure H (November 2009)

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Aerial view of the Bolinas beach
A Bolinas Beach No Camping Advisory Vote, Measure H ballot proposition was on the November 3, 2009 ballot in Marin County for voters in the Bolinas Community Public Utility District, where it was approved.[1]
  • Yes: 194 (56.40%) Approveda
  • No: 150 (43.60%)

The question on the ballot was, "Shall the Bolinas Community Public Utility District request a County Ordinance which prohibits camping on the Bolinas Beach full time and year round?"


Bruce Bowser, a former secretary for the Bolinas Beach Committee, supported Measure H. He said that Bolinas is the only private beach that allows public camping and that "visitor" campers and the homeless are camping on the beaches.

Bowser also said that the current county ordinance that prohibits camping on weekends and holidays is ineffective and loosely enforced and, as a result, the beach is being soiled with human waste and beach fires are creating a hazard.[1]


Magi Barror, the district's appointed Beach Committee Chairwoman, said that Measure H is not necessary because:

  • Problems have been reduced.
  • There are fewer campers now because of the existing weekend ban.
  • Campers do not cause most of the problems.[1]

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