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Boycotts related to California Proposition 8

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A boycott against supporters of California Proposition 8 was started in July 2008 by a group called Californians Against Hate. Fred Karger, the leader of the boycott, initially launched the effort as a boycott of three hotels (two in San Diego and one in Idaho) owned by Douglas Manchester, a sizeable donor to the pro-8 forces. Karger told the New York Times, "Our main beef is the exhaustive amount of money he contributed with glee to take away this brand-new right and to write discrimination into the California Constitution for the very first time."[1]

When the boycott began, supporters of Proposition 8 said that it is intimidation of political opponents. Douglas Manchester, a lead spokesperson for the pro-8 campaign, said, "This really is a free-speech, First Amendment issue. While I respect everyone’s choice of partner, my Catholic faith and longtime affiliation with the Catholic Church leads me to believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman."

Planned actions in the boycott include:

  • Boycotting business owners across the country who supported Proposition 8.
  • Publicizing the names of business owners through letters and e-mail messages to customers.
  • Listing the names of pro-8 donors on a Facebook page.

The "Call Terry Caster" effort

On July 30, boycott organizers expanded the scope of the boycott to include Terry Caster. Caster owns a self-storage company headquartered in San Diego that has 40 locations throughout California. Boycott organizers are asking opponents of Prop. 8 to "Call Terry Caster", asking him why he and his family members have contributed approximately $300,000 to the pro-8 campaign.

  • Karger of Californians Against Hate said of the campaign, "We are curious as to why Mr. Caster saw fit to contribute so much money to this campaign of fear and hate. To find out, we are asking our millions of friends and supporters all over the United States to help us by calling Terry Caster and asking him why he and his family are so strongly against marriage equality."
  • Karger added, "Mr. Caster and many of his eight sons and daughters and their spouses have given a combined total of $293,000 to the Protect Marriage campaign between January and July of 2008."[2]

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