Buda land use change referendum, 2009

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A Buda land use change referendum may be on the November 3, 2009 ballot in Hays County for voters in the city of Buda. BudaFirst.org, a group spearheading the referendum effort, has declared submitted a petition for referendum.

The ballot measure would have reversed a city council-approved land use change that would have allowed US Foodservice establish themselves on the eastern part of the city. The city's attorney stated earlier in July that the decision was not up for referendum. BudaFirst.org remained confident and advanced their intentions for the petition.

The group collected 1,000 signatures, more than the required 670, but some of those signatures were reportedly from residents who lived outside of the city limits.[1]

Potential legal action

The Buda City Council voted, in a 6-1 decision on September 15, 2009, to reject the petition submitted with almost 800 signatures. As a result, the measure was not be placed on the November ballot. According to the city council, their decision came at the advice of their attorneys, citing the city charter did not allow such referenda. BudaFirst.org member David Patterson stated that the group plans to file a lawsuit against the city, stating: “They want to use taxpayer money to fight us, when our Texas Constitution says we can put it on the ballot.”[2]


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