Business taxes in California

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April 9

See also: April 9, 2013 ballot measures in California

March 5

See also: March 5, 2013 ballot measures in California

Approveda City of La Habra Heights Oil and Gas Taxes, Measure LHH-B


November 6

See also: November 6, 2012 ballot measures in California

June 5

See also: June 5, 2012 ballot measures in California

Approveda County of Los Angeles Landfill Tax, Measure L (June 2012)
Approveda San Mateo County Car Rental Tax, Measure T (June 2012)
Defeatedd San Mateo County Commercial Parking Lot Tax, Measure X (June 2012)
Approveda South Lake Tahoe Business Tax Increase, Measure B (June 2012)


November 8

See also: November 8, 2011 ballot measures in California

Approveda Brisbane Business Tax, Measure J
Approveda Emeryville Business Tax Increase, Measure C
Approveda Emeryville Increase in Maximum Business Tax, Measure D
Defeatedd Hermosa Beach Business Tax Increase, Measure Q
Approveda Hermosa Beach Business License Tax Simplification, Measure N
Approveda Redwood City Business Tax, Measure M
Approveda Vallejo Marijuana Tax, Measure C

March 8

See also: March 8, 2011 ballot measures in California

Defeatedd Beverly Hills Tax on Oil and Natural Gas, Measure O (March 2011)
Approveda Los Angeles Tax on Medical Marijuana, Measure M (March 2011)
Defeatedd Los Angeles Tax on Oil Companies, Measure O (March 2011)
Defeatedd West Hollywood Billboard Taxes and Regulation, Measure WH-A (March 2011)


November 2

See also: November 2, 2010 election in California

Approveda American Canyon Cardroom Admission Tax, Measure F
Approveda City of Campbell Business License Tax, Measure M
Defeatedd South Lake Tahoe Business License Tax, Measure E

Marijuana business taxes

City Measure Medical Recreational Result
Berkeley Measure S Approveda
Albany Measure Q Approveda
Oakland Measure V Approveda
Richmond Measure V Approveda
Stockton Measure I Approveda
La Puente Measure M Approveda
La Puente Measure N Approveda
Long Beach Measure B Approveda
Rancho Cordova Measure H Approveda
Rancho Cordova Measure O Approveda
Sacramento Measure C Approveda
San Jose Measure U Approveda

June 8

See also: June 8, 2010 election in California

Defeatedd Solana Beach Business Tax, Measure L (June 2010)

April 13

See also: April 13, 2010 ballot measures in California

Approveda City of El Segundo Business License Tax, Measure N (April 2010)


November 3

See also: November 3, 2009 ballot measures in California

Defeatedd City of Artesia Business Tax, Measure Y (November 2009)
Approveda Emeryville Card Room Business License Tax, Measure K (November 2009)
Defeatedd Redwood City Business Tax Increase, Measure Y (November 2009)
Approveda Town of Fairfax Business Tax Renewal, Measure I (November 2009)
Defeatedd City of Palo Alto Business Tax, Measure A (November 2009)

March 3

See also: March 3, 2009 ballot measures in California

Defeatedd City of Beverly Hills Business License Tax, Measure P (March 2009)

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