California's Prop 14 opponents file lawsuit

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July 30, 2010

Richard Winger, a lead plaintiff in the first lawsuit filed against Prop 14

SAN FRANCISCO, California: A group of plaintiffs including Richard Winger filed the first of what is expected to be several lawsuits against Proposition 14, the Top Two Primaries Act in San Francisco Superior Court on July 29.[1]

The lawsuit filed Friday challenges two provisions in Proposition 14 and asks the court to block enforcement of the new law until legislation has been enacted that removes the two contested provisions. They are:

  • A provision in Prop that orders write-in votes in runoffs to be discarded.
  • A provision in Prop 14 that prevents some candidates from listing their party affiliation/preference on the ballot.

Gautam Dutta is the attorney for the group of plaintiffs. He said that voters did not know about Prop 14's ban on write-in votes because the ban was not described in the state's voter guide: "They'll be throwing their votes away without even being told that by voting for a write-in, your vote won't count."

Other lawsuits challenging Prop 14 are expected.

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