California 1922 ballot propositions

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The table below of California's 1922 ballot propositions only includes citizen-initiated measures; it does not yet include legislative referrals.

Year Type Initiative Title Subject Matter Description Pass/Fail
1922 CICA Prop 1 Veteran's affairs Enables government loans to vets Approved
1922 CICA Prop 10 Property tax Require all property owned by public utilities to be taxed as if private Defeated
1922 CICA Prop 11 Business regulation Put all publicly owned utilities under regulation of state railroad commission Defeated

1922 CICA Prop 12 Administration of government Requires governor to give a budget to the legislature within first 30 days of session Approved
1922 CISS Prop 16 Business regulation Regulation and licensing of chiropracters Approved
1922 CICA Prop 19 Administration of government Creates a state board to develop and distribute water and power Defeated

1922 CISS Prop 20 Health care Osteopathic Act to provide for the practice of osteopathic medicine Approved

1922 CISS Prop 28 Animal rights Prohibit the torture of any living creature for any purpose Defeated
1922 CICA Prop 29 Property rights Abolishes the present property tax system and declares that land can no longer be considered private property Defeated
1922 CICA Prop 30 Administration of government Gives the railroad commission exclusive power to grant franchises for any form of motorized transportation Defeated

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