California Assembly Bill 1068 (2009)

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California Assembly Bill 1068 (2009)
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Legislature:California state legislature
Text:AB 1068
Sponsor(s):Assembly Member Lori Saldana (D-76)
Legislative History
State house:June 1, 2009
State senate:August 27, 2009
Governor:Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R)
Vetoed:October 11, 2009
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing the initiative
process in California
Code:Section 9024 to the Elections Code
California Assembly Bill 1068 (AB 1068) was a bill proposed in the California State Assembly approved by the California State Legislature but was vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R). The primary sponsor of AB 1068 was Lori Saldana, a member of the state assembly from San Diego. She had introduced several other bills that impose restrictions on the initiative process.[1]


AB 1068 would have provided that a contract for circulating a petition or collecting signatures for a proposed state or local initiative, referendum, or recall measure that is to be submitted to voters is void if it makes payment to any person under the contract contingent upon the measure being qualified for the ballot.[1]

Criticisms of AB 1068

Pundit Meredith Turney criticized the motivation behind AB 1068. Referring to a legislative hearing at which it was discussed, Turney wrote:

"The process was labeled “broken,” “abused,” and “fraudulent,” thus requiring more legislative (bureaucratic) oversight. These are all laughable, hypocritical accusations considering several Republican attempts to secure the voting process through photo identification have never made it out of their first committee hearing. With organizations like ACORN still in business, it’s voter registration that’s better described by all the pejoratives heaped on the initiative process."[2]

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