California Budget Reform Act (2010)

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A California Budget Reform Initiative (09-0016) was intended for but will not be on the 2010 state ballot as an initiated constitutional amendment.

Robert Denham was the measure's official proponent.

The proposed initiative would have amended the California Constitution so that, in the future, the California State Legislature could pass a budget by a 60% supermajority vote rather than the current 66.67% supermajority requirement.

The California Secretary of State announced on January 11, 2010 that 09-0016 had failed.


Ballot title: Changes the Vote Requirement to Pass a Budget or Raise Taxes From Two-Thirds to Three-Fifths. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

Official summary: Changes the legislative vote requirement necessary to pass the state budget, and to raise taxes, from two-thirds (sixty-seven percent) to three-fifths (sixty percent).

Estimated fiscal impact: Unknown state fiscal impacts from lowering the legislative vote requirement for spending and tax increases. In some cases, the content of the annual state budget could change and/or state tax revenues could increase. Fiscal impact would depend on the composition and actions of future Legislatures.

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