California McCauley-Rosen Wealth Tax Initiative (2010)

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A California McCauley-Rosen Wealth Tax Initiative (09-0095) did not qualify for the 2010 state ballot as an initiated constitutional amendment.

Paul McCauley was the measure's official proponent.

The proposed initiative would have added additional taxes to the wealthy in California. Any revenues raised in this manner would have been earmarked for environmental programs.

Path to the ballot

See also: California signature requirements

An early version of the initiative was approved for petition circulation in September 2009, which would have given supporters until February 16, 2010 to collect the 694,354 valid signatures that are required in California to put an initiated constitutional amendment on the ballot. McCauley filed a later version on December 3, 2009. If this version is approved for circulation, proponents will had until May 2010 to collect the needed signatures.

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