California Penalties for No Budget (2010)

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A California Penalties for No Budget Initiative was intended for but did not reach the 2010 state ballot as an initiated constitutional amendment.

Bradley Philip Morisoli was the measure's official proponent.

The proposed initiative said that Governor of California and the California State Legislature were to be automatically removed from office if the legislature failed to approve a budget by June 15th or the Governor failed to sign a budget by June 30th. It also mandated that 25% of the salaries owed to the Governor and each member of the legislature were to be withheld until a budget was completed for the following year. Officials who were removed from office under the provisions of the initiative would be prohibited from being elected or appointed to state office for two years following their removal.

Fiscal impact

The California Legislative Analyst's Office estimated the fiscal impact on state and local government as:

Increase in state and local election costs in any year in which the Governor and all 120 members of the Legislature are terminated when the budget process is not completed on time. These costs could potentially exceed $100 million in any such year. Unknown state fiscal impacts from changes in the content of the annual budget as a result of the measure's provisions related to a late budget.[1][2]

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