California Property Tax Exemption for Severely Disabled Veterans (2012)

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A California Property Tax Exemption for Severely Disabled Veterans Initiative (#12-0002) was approved for circulation in California as a contender for the November 6, 2012 ballot.

Its sponsors, however, did not submit any signatures to election officials by the deadline.

Rashid El Malik, the originator of the initiative, referred to it as the "Brain Syndrome and Severely Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption Initiative."

Text of measure

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Ballot title:

Property Taxes. Expanded Exemption for Disabled Veterans. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

Official summary:

"Allows the Legislature to provide full or partial property tax exemption for a home belonging to a disabled veteran or the veteran's spouse, including an unmarried surviving spouse, if the veteran is receiving special monthly military disability compensation because of injury or disease incurred in military service, is blind in both eyes, has lost the use of two or more limbs, has brain syndrome, or died while on active duty. Exemption may not be combined with other real property exemptions."

Fiscal impact estimate:

"Potential minor reduction in property tax revenues for local governments as a result of increased property tax exemptions for certain veterans with severe service-related disabilities. Potential minor increase in state spending on K-12 schools and community colleges as a result of the small property tax decline."

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