California Proposition 1, Reapportionment of Legislative Districts (1928)

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California Proposition 1, pertaining to Reapportionment of Legislative Districts, was on the November 6, 1928 ballot in California as a veto referendum, where it was approved.

Election results

Proposition 1
Approveda Yes 692,347 54.8%

Text of measure

Official voter guide image for Proposition 1 in 1928.


The ballot title was:

Reapportionment of Legislative Districts.


The official summary provided to describe Proposition 1F said:

"Act of Legislature submitted to electors by referendum. Amends Section 78 and repeals Section 90 of Political Code. Reapportions the legislative districts of the state, defining and establishing such districts, under authority of Section 6 of Article VI of Constitution adopted November 2, 1926."


Proposition 1 was supported by:


Proposition 1 was opposed by:

  • Ralph Arnold, executive chairman of the All Parties Reapportionment Committee
  • Henry E. Carter, a member of the California State Assembly (Seventy-first District)

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