California Proposition 4, Parental Notification for Minor's Abortion (2008)

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Initiative 1248. (07-0013), also known as Child Abuse Reporting Enforcement Act of 2008 which would establish that a diagnosis of sexually transmitted infection, pregnancy, or miscarriage, or complications of pregnancy, abortion, or miscarriage in a minor 15 years old or under constitutes, in and of itself, a reasonable suspicion of sexual abuse. It would also require that a mandated reporter provide an additional statement as to their belief that sexual abuse has or has not occurred, and requires physical evidence of the abuse is preserved and made available to law enforcement.

Health care professionals would be mandated to provide proof that they have reported suspected sexual abuse when a patient 15 or under is diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease, is pregnant, or has complications thereof, in order to receive any Medi-Cal or other state reimbursement.

  • Require all health facilities or clinics to post a warning that preventing or dissuading minor victims from reporting sexual abuse is a crime.[1]

Fiscal Impacts

  • Health and Social Services Costs. Annual costs in the range of $4 million to $5 million for the state and about $2 million for counties, and potential one-time Medi-Cal automation costs unlikely to exceed a few million dollars.
  • Costs to Local Law Enforcement and Courts. Annual costs in the range of $5 million to $6 million per year.
  • Potential Offsetting Savings. Unknown, potential savings to the state in health care and public assistance costs from decreases in sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy.[2]


John Smith


The circulation deadline for this initiative ends 11/26/07 and requires 694,354 signatures. It is currently pending a raw count of these signatures.

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