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Template:Infobox American State Political Party The California Republican Party is the California affiliate of the national Republican Party. Its chairman is Ron Nehring and is based in Burbank, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.

Although a minority party in its state, the party does boast Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as its top elected official.

California Republican Party Chairmen

Chairman Term
Frank F. Merriam 1928-1930
Marshal Hale 1930-1934
Louis B. Mayer 1932-1933
Earl Warren 1934-1936
Justus Craemer 1936-1938
Bradford Melvin 1938-1940
Thomas Kuchel 1940-1942
Edward Tickle 1942-1944
Leo Anderson 1944-1946
Arthur W. Carlson 1946-1948
Sim Delapp 1948-1950
Laughlin Waters 1950-1954
Thomas W. Caldecott 1954-1956
Al Bell 1956–1960
John Krehbiel 1960–1962
Caspar Weinberger 1962–1964
Gaylord Parkinson 1964–1967
James Halley 1967–1969
Dennis Carpenter 1969–1971
Putnam Livermore 1971–1973
Gordon Luce 1973–1975
Paul Haerle 1975–1977
Mike Montgomery 1977–1979
Truman Campbell 1979–1981
Tirso del Junco 1981–1983
Ed Reinecke 1983–1985
Mike Antonovich 1985–1987
Bob Naylor 1987–1989
Frank Visco 1989–1991
Jim Dignan 1991–1993
Tirso del Junco 1993–1995
John Herrington 1995–1997
Mike Schroeder 1997–1999
John McGraw 1999–2001
Shawn Steel 2001–2003
Duf Sundheim 2003–2007
Ron Nehring 2007–present

Californian Republicans in US Congress

In May 2001, David Dreier was unanimously selected by his California colleagues to Chair the California Republican Congressional Delegation. As Chairman, he leads the Congress' largest Republican delegation on matters of importance to the California.

Both of California's two senators, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, are Democrats.

Out of the 53 members of the House of Representatives from California, 19 are Republican:

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