California State Council of Service Employees

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The California State Council of Service Employees is active in ballot initiatives and other political advocacy in California. It is an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission, a government agency, issued a report in March 2010 saying that the California State Council of Service Employees had spent $107.4 million on political campaigns in California in the ten-year period beginning on January 1, 2000 and ending on December 31, 2009.[1] The FPPC's report establishes the California State Council of Service Employees as having spent more on campaigns in California in that ten-year period than all but one other union, business, organization or individual.[2] The size of the California State Council of Service Employees's warchest in the 10-year period came in second only to that of the California Teachers Association, according to the FPPC.[1]

Political donations

California State Assembly

See also: California State Assembly

The California State Assembly has 80 members. 50 of the 80 members were Democrats (as of March 2010). The California State Council of Service Employees was one of the top 5 donors of over 40 of the 50 Democrats, in most cases giving the maximum legally-allowable donation of $14,400.

Legislator 2008 campaign donation
Wesley Chesbro $14,400
Jared Huffman $14,400
Noreen Evans $14,400
Mariko Yamada $14,400
Dave Jones $14,400
Alyson Huber $7,200
Tom Torlakson $14,400
Fiona Ma $14,400
Tom Ammiano $14,400
Joan Buchanan $14,400
Sandré Swanson $14,400
Cathleen Galgiani $14,400
Mary Hayashi $14,400
Gerald Hill $14,400
Alberto Torrico $14,400
Ira Ruskin $14,400
Paul Fong $14,400
Joe Coto $14,400
James Beall Jr. $14,400
Bill Monning $14,400
Anna Caballero $14,400
Pedro Nava $14,400
Felipe Fuentes $14,400
Legislator 2008 campaign donation
Bob Blumenfield $14,400
Julia Brownley $14,400
Mike Feuer $14,400
Paul Krekorian $14,400
Anthony Portantino, Jr. $14,400
Kevin de León $14,400
John Perez $14,400
Karen Bass $14,400
Mike Davis $14,400
Mike Eng $14,400
Hector De La Torre $14,400
Isadore Hall, III $14,400
Ted Lieu $14,400
Warren Furutani $14,400
Tony Mendoza $14,400
Charles Calderon $14,400
Norma Torres $14,400
Wilmer Carter $14,400
Jose Solorio $14,400
Lori Saldana $7,200
Martin Block $14,400
Mary Salas $14,400
Manuel Perez $14,400

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