California Taxpayer Protection Act (2008)

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The Taxpayer Protection Act was a initiated state statute that have would strengthened existing California laws that prohibit the use of taxpayer dollars for political activity by making it illegal for taxpayer financed organization to finance political activities through anonymous campaign accounts.[1]


The proponents created the Taxpayer Protection Act after the defeat of Proposition 90. The proponents allege that over $4.7 million was spent to defeat the proposition and that the funds came from taxpayer financed organizations, citing specifically the League of California Cities and the California Redevelopment Association, through anonymous "non-public funds." The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is also sponsoring the Property Owners and Farmland Protection Act. 81 percent, or $2 million, of the opposition's money has come from the same sources.[2]

No on Proposition 90 Funding

Below is a chart of the donations to the "No on Proposition 90" campaign from the non-public funds of city organizations.[3]

Funding Organization Dollar Contributions Percent Contributions
League of California Cities (Non-public funds) $3,540,000 29%
CSAC (Non-public funds) $650,000 5%
California Redevelopment Association (Non-public funds) $560,381 4%
Total Non-public funds $4,750,381 38%
Total No on Proposition 90 Funds $12,409,493 100 %

Opposition of Property Owners and Farmland Protection Act

This is the funding through Nov. 10th of 2007.[4]

Funding organization Dollar Contributions Percent Contributions
League of California Cities (Non-public funds) $1,515,946 58%
CSAC (Non-public funds) $406,935 16%
California Redevelopment Association (Non-public funds) $200,000 8%
Total Non-public funds $2,122,882 81%


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