California ballot propositions that were approved with a vote of 80% or more

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List of propositions
This list is arranged to show the proposition that received the highest percentage of the vote in the first row. This list includes all propositions from 1990-2010 that received 80% or more of the vote.
Proposition Year Subject  % of yes votes
Proposition 179 1994 Punishment for murders committed with firearms 87.71%
Proposition 195 1996 Define special circumstances punishable by death 85.82%
Proposition 196 1996 Murders committed by firing from vehicles are punishable by death 85.80%
Proposition 1A 2004 Local property and sales taxes to remain with local gov'ts 83.70%
Proposition 59 2004 The "Sunshine Amendment" on government accessibility 83.40%
Proposition 113 1990 Changes to the chiropractic act 81.84%
Proposition 221 1998 Oversight of court commissioners 81.00%
Proposition 110 1990 Factors in assessing property tax for severely disabled homeowners 80.17%

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