Candidates for Lieutenant Governor, 2010

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As of Sunday, October 24, 2010, there are a grand total of 114 candidates who remain in the running for the statewide office of lieutenant governor in each of the respective 31 contests taking place in November.

While 37 states held gubernatorial election this year, five of those states -- Arizona, Maine, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Wyoming -- do not have the position of lieutenant governor. Additionally, in Tennessee members of the Tennessee State Senate elect one of their own to serve as Speaker of the Senate, a position that automatically carries the title of Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee.

Of the 114 candidates campaigning for the statewide governmental position, here is the breakdown via party lines:

Ψ = Incumbent

Donkey symbol.png Democratic candidates

Gop logo2.jpg Republican candidates

Libertarian Party Libertarian candidates

Green Party Green Party candidates

Constitution Party Constitution Party candidates

Independent candidates

American Independent American Independent Party candidates

Anti-Prohibition Party candidates

Freedom Party candidates

Free Energy Party candidates

Independence Party of Florida candidates

Independence Party of America Independence Party of Minnesota candidates

  • Executive Director of the Association of Minnesota Counties James Mulder

Iowa Party candidates

Non-Partisan candidates

Peace and Freedom Party Peace and Freedom Party candidates

Reform Party Reform Party candidates

Socialist Workers Party candidates

U.S. Taxpayers Party candidates

Working Families Party Working Families Party candidates

Greenslashed.png Vermont-Independence Party candidates

Lime2.png Vermont Progressive Party candidates