Capital Review Committee, Arizona State Legislature

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Arizona State Legislature
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The Capital Review Committee is a standing committee of the Arizona Legislature.


  • (1) approve a uniform formula for computing annual building renewal funding needs and a uniform format for the collection of data for the formula;
  • (2) approve building systems for the purposes of computing and funding building renewal and for preparing capital improvement plans;
  • (3) review the State capital improvement plan and make recommendations to the Legislature concerning land acquisition, capital projects and building renewal; and
  • (4) to review the expenditure of all monies appropriated for such purposes.



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Capital Review Senate Members, 2013
Democratic members (3)Republican members (4)
Lynne PancraziGail Griffin
Anna TovarAl Melvin
Leah Landrum TaylorJohn McComish
Don Shooter, Chair, 2013
Capital Review House Members, 2013
Democratic members (3)Republican members (4)
Lela AlstonTom Forese
Andrew SherwoodRick Gray
Chad CampbellDavid Gowan
John Kavanagh, Vice Chair, 2013


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