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Carl Lewis
Carl Lewis.jpg
Candidate for
New Jersey Senate District 8
High schoolWillingboro High School
Bachelor'sattended University of Houston
Date of birthJuly 1, 1961
Place of birthBirmingham, Alabama
ProfessionOlympian - Track and Field
Personal website
Campaign website
Carl Lewis (b. July 1, 1961) is a 2011 Democratic candidate for District 8 of the New Jersey State Senate.

Lewis was ordered off the ballot by New Jersey's Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State Kim Guadagno on April 25, 2011, because of Lewis' residency conflicts. [1] As a result, Lewis sued the State of New Jersey and Secretary of State Kim Guadagno. [2] Due to the extended nature of his lawsuit, his name was not officially removed from primary ballots mailed to vote-by-mail individuals. On May 5, the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Lewis's name must remain on the ballot until the constitutionality of New Jersey's residency requirements can be determined by a federal judge.[3] As of September 13, Lewis was ordered back on the ballot as a result of a 2-1 federal court decision.[4]


Carl Lewis Biography

Lewis is a nine-time Olympic gold medalist in Track and Field. In 1983, Lewis won the first three of his eight World Championship Gold Medals at the Track and Field Championships in Helsinki, Finland. The following year, he captured four Olympic Gold Medals at the Summer Games in Los Angeles. His career as a track and field champion continued through 1996. In all, he won nine Gold Medals of an overall 10 Olympic medals. Lewis as named Olympian of the Century by Sports Illustrated and Sportsman of the Century by the International Olympic Committee. In light of his achievements, Lewis founded the Carl Lewis Foundation, a charitable endeavor with a special focus on youth physical education and fitness. He has also served as a volunteer track-and-field coach at his alma mater, Willingboro High School.

Lewis attended the University of Houston.


Campaign themes


On his campaign website, Lewis lists these issues as his "Agenda for Change":[5]

  • Make New Jersey More Affordable - "I will call on the Legislature to impose a freeze on state government spending, as well a requirement that all departments and agencies justify every taxpayer dollar they plan to spend. I will also support efforts to end duplication in government, erasing the multiple layers of bureaucracy through "shared services" among counties and municipalities."
  • Establish a "Gold Standard" for NJ Schools - "One of my top priorities is to help create a first-rate learning environment for students - an environment of high standards that inspires them through discipline, creativity, hard work and positive reinforcement - an environment of excellence that prepares them to compete in a global economy."
  • Reward Teachers on Performance, Not Longevity - "I support teacher-tenure reform that rewards high-performing and creative teachers; they should be judged on performance, not the amount of time spent on the job."
  • Make School Choice an Option for Families - "I strongly believe that families should have a choice in where their children attend school. They should be granted that opportunity through public school voucher programs that offer alternatives for families seeking a better education for their children."
  • Provide a Better Quality of Life For Seniors - "I will fight to maintain their tax rebates and extend other assistance when required. And I will work to make sure that programs intended to reduce their costs for health-care and prescription drugs are preserved. While balancing the budget is important, we should not achieve that on the backs of the most economically vulnerable of our citizens, including seniors, the young, veterans, and the working poor."
  • Create Jobs And Incentives for Economic Growth - "I will promote policies that create a positive environment for both large companies and small businesses to flourish in New Jersey. We need to provide incentives for new businesses to open in the state, and for existing businesses to remain and expand, creating thousands of new jobs for our citizens."
  • Improve Health Through Physical Fitness and Nutrition - "I will champion efforts in the Legislature to create and promote programs that teach the imperatives of good nutrition and physical fitness. A healthier lifestyle will help boost the accomplishments of our young people both in the classroom and on the athletic fields, as well as help make them more successful in their careers."
  • Promote a New Environment of Political Civility and Bi-Partisanship - "If elected, I will work with both Democrats and Republicans to achieve consensus on policies that will ease the burden on taxpayers and deliver a better quality of life for everyone. I am determined to work in a spirit of cooperation that serves our constituents rather than petty partisan agendas."



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Lewis is running in the 2011 election for New Jersey Senate District 8. He ran unopposed in the primary on June 7, 2011 and received 2,418 votes. Republican incumbent Dawn Addiego ran unopposed in the Republican primary. The general election takes place on November 8, 2011. Lewis is currently not on the general election ballot due to a residency issue. [6]

Campaign donors

As of September 15, Lewis has collected $26,115 in donations.[7]

His four largest contributors in 2011 are:

Donor Amount
New Jersey Regional Council of Carpenters $8,200
Brad Blank & Associates $2,600
Gerald A. Klingman $2,600
James W. Lintott $2,600

Candidacy challenges

As of September 13, A federal appeals court ruled 2-1 that Carl Lewis should be put back on the ballot for a seat in the state senate. This ruling is perhaps the last in a long line of conflicts over the legitimacy and legality of Lewis' candidacy. The ruling is likely to be the final word in the case, as November ballots must be sent to the printer to allow for absentee voting.[8]


  • April 11
Lewis first registered to vote in New Jersey on Monday April 11, the same day he announced his candidacy. [9] Republicans believed that Lewis' recent 2008 and 2009 voting history in California nullified his claims of recent New Jersey residency. William Tambussi, Lewis' spokesman, argued that New Jersey's constitutional definition of residency would protect Lewis. [9][10]
The day after declaring his candidacy, Olympic track champion Carl Lewis was reportedly discouraged from running for the state senate. According to The Auditor, a Lewis staffer claims that Gov. Christie's administration officials had discouraged Lewis from running.[11] Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak firmly denied these claims, stating that Christie did not attempt to dissuade Lewis from running, claiming that "anybody who says otherwise is lying." [11] What Christie did say, according to Drewniak, was that he would support long-time friend, state Sen. Dawn Addiego - Lewis' opponent in the race. [11]
  • April 20
On Wednesday April 20, an administrative law judge dismissed attempts by Republicans Bill Layton and Ted Costa to remove Lewis from the June 7 ballot, due to doubts concerning the length of his most recent New Jersey residency. The judge’s order was not binding, which left the decision to Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State Kim Guadagno (R).
  • April 26
On Tuesday, April 26, Guadagno overturned the judge's ruling and found "credible evidence to conclude" that Lewis did not meet the state's residency requirement, including that he voted and paid income taxes in California as recently as 2009, and did not register to vote in New Jersey until earlier this month, when he filed to run for the Senate. [12]
  • August 16
Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno ordered that Lewis' name be taken off the general election ballot, citing "a federal appeals court order to keep Lewis on the ballot while a case challenging his candidacy is considered by a judge only applied to the June Democratic primary — which Lewis won uncontested — and not the November general election."[13] A hearing, requested by Lewis' attorney William Tambussi, is scheduled for Friday August 20 to challenge the decision.[13]
  • September 13
A federal appeals court ruled 2-1 that Lewis should be put back on the ballot.[14]

MSNBC Interview with Carl Lewis on July 19, 2011


On Monday May 2, three New Jersey appellate court judges, Philip Carchman, Ronald Graves and Carmen Messano upheld Kim Guadagno's decision to remove Lewis from the ballot. [15] This ruling came after Lewis filed a federal complaint against Guadagno, claiming her initial decision (which found him ineligible) was in error. [12] He also claimed that New Jersey's four-year residency requirement violated the constitution. [16] He is appealing a ruling by a U.S. District judge that upheld New Jersey’s four-year residency requirement as constitutional. The 3rd Circuit of Appeals is handling the appeal. [17] Lewis's court challenge was ultimately successful; he was placed back on the Democratic primary ballot on May 6. In a quickly issued decision, 3rd Circuit ruled that Lewis should be allowed to participate until a more permanent decision regarding his residency status could be made following the primary.

Lieutenant Governor Guadagno once again ordered Lewis off the ballot on August 16, arguing that his "protection" under the 3rd Circuit ruling had expired following the primary. The issue once again came before the courts, where federal judge Noel Hillman ruled on September 7 that Lewis had failed to establish residency and would not be listed on the ballot. Lewis's campaign vowed to appeal.[18]


Lewis for Senate
PO Box 893
Marlton, NJ 08053

Phone: (609) 534-0799



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